three factors that influence bp's strategic tactical operational and contingency planning

  • Managemment Planning

    Management Planning National Beverage Corp University of Phoenix MGT/330 Jacqueline Lester December 20, 2010 National Beverage Corp is a regional bottling company located in the United States. Some of their products are Shasta, Faygo, Ohana, and Everfresh. National Beverage Corp’s products are available at convenience stores, supermarkets, and other retail stores. The company has a management planning function that is affected by

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  • Strategic and Tactical Use of Icts in the Airline Industry

    Information & Management 41 (2004) 805–825 eAirlines: strategic and tactical use of ICTs in the airline industry Dimitrios Buhalis* Centre for eTourism Research (CeTR), School of Management, University of Surrey, Guildford, England GU2 7XH, UK Received 16 June 2002; received in revised form 26 April 2003; accepted 6 August 2003 Available online 13 November 2003 Abstract Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have revolutionised the entire business world. The airline industry in particular

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  • Management Planning

    Management Planning Student’s name Institution Management Planning Introduction Planning is the means of choosing the best option among others to carry out different managerial roles in order to attain predetermined objectives. It is a necessary management function, which includes formulation of one or more thorough plans to attain optimal balance of wants or demands with the available wealth. Planning is a thorough agenda concerning upcoming

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  • Financial Contingency Planning

    Running head: Financial Contingency Planning Financial Contingency Planning for the FBI’s CJIS Division’s Lasting Impressions Child Development Center In partial fulfillment of The Requirements for the degree of Master’s of Science in Administration Justice and Security Julia Ann Minnocci March 4, 2013 Dr. Hector Garcia Financial Contingency Planning Introduction This paper will provide details how the upcoming sequestration will affect the Department of Justice’s

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  • Strategic Planning

    Introduction Strategic planning is an organizational management activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assess and adjust the organization's direction in response to a changing environment. It is a disciplined effort that produces fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is

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  • Contingency Planning

    Contingency planning: Contingency planning helps to identify alternative course of action to take when things go wrong. Developing a contingency plan involves making decisions in advance about the management of human and financial resources, coordination and communications procedures, and being aware of a range of technical and logistical responses. Such planning is a management tool, involving all sectors, which can help ensure timely and effective provision of humanitarian aid to those

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  • Financial Contingency Planning: Sources of Funding

    Dependency Counseling in Prison Financial Contingency Planning is essential to the success of any chemical dependency counseling program. There are many problems that can surface in the financial sector of the organizations and can result in high costs for the organization. A contingency plan in place can reduce the harmful effects of the challenge that surfaces. The development of financial contingency plan is through strategic scenario planning and develops the actions to be employ only upon

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  • Strategic Planning

    IT STRATEGIC PLANNING “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.” Yogi Berra BACKGROUND Henry Mintzberg, former president of the Strategic Management Society, points out that “strategy can not be planned because planning is about analysis and strategy is about synthesis.” 1 Failure to recognize this basic distinction accounts for the frequent failure of such exercises, as does an excessive focus on technical detail, lack of suitable

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  • Management Planning Presentation

    “Management Planning Presentation” Fritz Gerald Pierre MGT 230 12/05/2012 Dr. Tamara Mangum Individual Management Planning Presentation Imagine you are an executive for BP, and you are preparing a presentation for the board of directors about the organization’s direction. Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes, in which you address the following: Evaluate the planning function of management as it relates to the organization’s

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  • Strategic Planning

    Basics of Strategic Planning The objectives of strategic planning including understanding the benefits of strategic planning; understanding the products of strategic planning; and learning the keys to successful planning and implementation. Many organizations spend most of their time reacting to unexpected changes instead of anticipating and preparing for them. This is called crisis management. Organizations caught off guard may spend a great deal of time and energy "playing catch up". They

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  • Mgt 230 Management Planning Paper

    Management Planning Paper Eugene R. Vazquez MGT/230 May 30th, 2013 Prof. Gabriel Medina, MBA Management Planning Paper Boeing Corporation as my example Table of contents Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Evaluate Planning Function of Management------------------------------------------------------------2 Analyze Influence on Management Planning --------

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  • Strategic Planning Process

    The Strategic Planning Process In the 1970's, many large firms adopted a formalized top-down strategic planning model. Under this model, strategic planning became a deliberate process in which top executives periodically would formulate the firm's strategy, then communicate it down the organization for implementation. The following is a flowchart model of this process: The Strategic Planning Process Mission | V Objectives | V Situation Analysis | V Strategy Formulation | V Implementation

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  • Management Planning Paper

    Management Planning Paper MGT/330 March 29, 2010 Abstract This paper will provide readers with a history of Tyco International Ltd. while evaluating the planning function of the organization. We will be identifying the social responsibilities which impact what they have on the management planning function. This paper will also review the three factors which influence the company’s strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning. In conclusion, the reader will be more aware of

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  • Fannie Mae Management Planning

    Fannie Mae Management Planning Planning is a management function necessary for the success of any organization. Organizational planning has to include internal and external environments, evaluation of the marketplace, identifying, and analyzing factors that influence planning. Fannie Mae is an organization with a competitive edge in the housing marketplace. Fannie Mae accomplished this through effective planning. Overview of Fannie Mae Fannie Mae is a government-sponsored enterprise (GSE)

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  • Management Planning

    Management Planning Paper (Halliburton) Antwon Snyder University of Phoenix Axia Management Planning Paper The planning function of management is very important for the sustainability of businesses. Planning is essential for businesses and their employees to function efficiently and maintain profit levels. In addition, management has to assess their current companies and determine what steps are to be made in the future. In the event of problems, managers should follow procedures to continue

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  • Strategic Planning

    over the years; and with the right plan and tactics this growth will progress in the future. The company goal is to grow sales three to five percent over a long-term, with a strategy plan that emphasizes on building and enhancing its brand names, pursuing channels, packaging, and categories that are profitable, and improving operating efficiency to name a few. The strategic plan that defines DPS mission, strategy, decision making, and allocating resources will allow the company to succeed in the direction

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  • Strategic Planning

    your book and the internet, find definitions of strategic, tactical, and operational objectives and plans.  Submit those definitions & an outline of your strategic, tactical, and operational objectives/plans to accomplish your mission of gaining a college education. Strategic Plan: Contains answers to who, what, where, when, how, and how much for achieving strategic goals - long-term, companywide goals established by top management (p.89) Tactical Plan: Developed by middle managers, this plan

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  • Strategic Planning

    Introduction: 1 Company Profile: 1 Mission and vision statement: 1 Goal and Objective: 1 Core competence: 3 1.1: Strategic Planning alternative of Silk Cafe: 3 SWOT Analysis: 3 BCG matrix: 4 2. Environmental factors and Organizational analysis of Silk Cafe: 5 2.1: PEST Analysis: 6 Political Factors: 6 Environmental factors: 7 Social Factors: 7 Technological Factors 7 2.2:Significance of stakeholders on Silk Cafe: 7 3: Possible alternative strategies for silk Cafe: 8 3.1.1Sustentative

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  • Strategic and Operational Planning

    Marc Malone Strategic and Operational Planning May 17, 2010 “Within an institution of higher education, who should have access to various types of data in order to enhance their performance in their work role(s). Who should make the determination of access of what data?” In order to enhance performance in work roles in institutions of higher learning, it’s suggested that the faculty/staff should have access to the various types of data. These should include administrators, educators, coaches

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  • Management Planning

    Management Planning Paper MGT/330 November 15, 2010 Management Planning Paper The planning functions of management are very important in the business word and there are certain factors that can affect these functions. Factors that can affect the planning functions are Economic, Political, Social, Cultural, Competition, Legal Issues, Ethics, and technology. Strategic, Tactical, Operational and contingency planning are the planning functions of management. This paper will focus

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  • Management Planning

    Management Planning MGT/330 Management Planning Proper planning permits organizations to develop into the type of business that will meet the needs of the customer, the company, and the environment. As opposed to just focusing on profits, companies need to focus on the need for expertise and experience needed to take on important issues such as legal issues, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility. Management structure helps them accomplish this goal. It is wise to consult

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  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning {What is it? How do you do it?} 2008 Table of Contents Page Content 3-4 Introduction 5 Section 1: The “What” of Strategic Planning 6 Why should departments and agencies plan strategically? 7-8 Section 2: The “How” of Strategic Planning 9-10 How do I gather data and where do I get it from? 11 Participant Selection 12 Survey/focus group question development 12-14 Core Values Development 15-17 Organizational

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  • Management Planning for Tyco

    Management Planning for Tyco MGT 330 Management Planning for Tyco Planning is one of the important actions management must consider when forming the foundation and goals of an organization. The company’s mission is set from the goals set by management. According to Tyco’s mission statement the company’s mission is to, “To be our customers’ first choice in every market we serve by exceeding commitments, providing new technology solutions, leveraging our diverse brands, driving operational excellence

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  • Unit 5021 Operational Risk Management

    5021 – Operational risk management CARE 4 ME Angela Jackson Content 1. Be able to understand the concept of risk management 2. Be able to understand the identification of risk and risk probability 3. Be able to understand the management of risk response approaches 1.Be able to understand the concept of risk management 1.1 - Discuss the meaning of risk to an organisation Good risk management awareness and practice at all levels is a critical success factor for any

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  • Strategic Planning

    Risk is the deviation or variability of actual results from desired or expected results * The principle in the business world is -that if risk increases, the possible return that is desired will also increase. * Risk management consists of three distinct dimensions: * Generating and utilizing opportunities in situations where a business has distinct advantages in accomplishing beneficial results with improved chances of success (upside management) * Introducing controls to prevent

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  • Mgt/230 Wk3 Management Planning

    Wk3_Management Planning MGT/230 April 15, 2013 Management Planning As today’s leading energy company, British Petroleum, PLC (BP) has been thriving to satisfy the investors with legal, ethical, and social responsibility issues as a corporation while protecting employees and environment. The global economy has been fluctuating rapidly since the last tragic incident that happened in 2010; therefore, now is the time to evaluate the organization’s management planning function, analyze

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  • Ebook Strategic Planning

    TE AM FL Y Strategic Planning for Information Systems Third Edition JOHN WARD and JOE PEPPARD Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, UK Copyright # 2002 by John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Baffins Lane, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1UD, England National 01243 779777 International (þ44) 1243 779777 e-mail (for orders and customer service enquiries): Visit our Home Page on or All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication

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  • Strategic Planning

    COLLEGE OF BUSINESS FIRST SEMESTER SESSION 2013/2014 BKAS 3103 INFORMATION SYSTEMS STRATEGIC PLANNING GROUP A INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT : ”THE THREE ERA’S” PREPARED BY: NADIA ABDULLAH 213802 SUBMITTED TO : PUAN RAJA HASLINDA BINTI RAJA MOHD. ALI SUBMIT DATE: 3RD OCTOBER 2013 Three-era model is the era consists of data processing, management information system and strategic information system. Data processing (DP) is a process to convert for a set of inputs which is like

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  • Strategic Planning

    NAME: SHEILA PETIT-PHAR SUBJECT: BUS 288 FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS PLANNING. DATE: NOVEMBER 14TH 2013 TOPIC: STRATEGIC PLANNING TEACHER: MRS. SAMANTHA V. EVANS Overview History This statement provides a common understanding of history of “La France Boutique” where its governing board rotates trustees on and off board every France Osias started “La France Boutique”

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  • Strategic Planning

    STRATEGIC PLANNING A business needs to have a clear sense of direction, which must be clearly communicated to all stakeholders. This is the aim of the business which can then be broken down into smaller aims, and objectives. Strategic planning is of importance in giving directions to organizations. A strategic plan is drawn up for relatively long period of time, typically by senior managers. The plan will cover a five year period of time or longer. The plan needs to be shaped by the mission and

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  • Management and Planning

    Management Planning Management: Theory, Practice and Application/330 Management Planning Planning is identifying the goals to be accomplished and making a decision to move forward the suitable actions needed to achieve those goals (Bateman and Snell, 2009). Examples of planning may include examining current situation, predicting the future, establishing goals, choose what types of activities one will engage, and selecting the resources needed to achieve the said goals (Bateman and Snell, 2009)

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  • Management Planning

    Management Planning at Boeing Brian Newton MGT/330 December 1st, 2014 Steven Friloux Management Planning at Boeing To be successful in today’s competitive business world, organization and strong leadership is key. At The Boeing Company, this is no different. As one of the largest corporations in the world, they strive to set goals and plan a future around reaching those goals in a way that they can be the most prosperous. In

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  • Management Planning

    Management Planning -Halliburton Halliburton was founded in1919 and is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry (Halliburton, 2011). Halliburton has operations in 80 countries and employs over 60,000 people. Its operations consist of two subdivisions, Completion and Production and Drilling and Evaluation that distribute cementing, stimulation, intervention and completion services. The Drilling and Evaluation subdivision provides field and reservoir

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  • Strategic Planning

    STRATEGIC PLANNING: A TEN-STEP GUIDE* I. IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING There is broad agreement among nonprofit leaders and experts that planning is a critical component of good management and governance. Planning helps assure that an organization remains relevant and responsive to the needs of its community, and contributes to organizational stability and growth. It provides a basis for monitoring progress, and for assessing results and impact. It facilitates new program development. It enables an organization

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  • Operational Planning

    China has long been a cradle and host to a variety of the most enduring religion-philosophical traditions of the world. Confucianism and Taoism, plus Buddhism, constitute the "three teachings", philosophical frameworks which historically have had a significant role in shaping Chinese culture. Elements of these three belief systems are often incorporated into the traditional folk religions. Chinese religions are family-oriented and do not demand exclusive adherence, allowing the practice or belief

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  • Operational Planning

    DIPMGTOP14 Operational Planning Assignment Part One Submitted By : Tim Avenell (00123920T) Submitted To : Vincent Le Submitted On : ??/03/2015 DIPMGTOP14 Operational Planning Submitted by Tim Avenel Dated: 21/03/2015 Table of Contents CONTENTS Task 1: Developing the plan ..................................................................................................................... 3 Executive Summary: ...................................................................

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  • The Process of Strategic Planning

    PROCESS OF STRATEGIC PLANNING ARTICLE #1 OF 10 INTRODUCTION TO STRATEGIC PLANNING Strategic planning is to a business what a map is to a road rally driver. It is a tool that defines the routes that when taken will lead to the most likely probability of getting from where the business is to where the owners or stakeholders want it to go. And like a road rally, strategic plans meet detours and obstacles that call for adapting and adjusting as the plan is implemented. Strategic planning is a process

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  • Strategic Planning at Ups

    9-306-002 REV: JUNE 19, 2006 DAVID A. GARVIN LYNNE C. LEVESQUE Strategic Planning at United Parcel Service We fully recognize that it is not possible to develop a true strategic plan more than a few years out and that business plans should have an even shorter horizon. But we are convinced that it is possible and wise, indeed necessary, to develop a set of very long-range scenarios that can form the foundation for our future strategic plans. — Michael (Mike) J. Eskew, Chairman and Chief Executive

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  • Strategic Planning

    STRATEGY AND PLANNING This week’s Management class discussion has been on Strategic planning in organizations. This paper will explain 3 types of goals, which are important to an organization as we as explanations and elements involved in created strategy of an organization. Organizations are built with the goal of the profitability through process in mind. The organization control approach incorporates goals and strategy used to reach them. ( Jul 2015) Using their mission statements

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  • Strategic Factors

    4, Volume 6, 2012 Strategic and tactical success factors in ERP system implementation K. Curko1, D. Stepanic2, M. Varga3 Abstract— In order to successfully implement an ERP system it is necessary to properly balance critical success factors. By researching what the critical success factors in ERP implementation are, why they are critical, and to what extent they are relevant to users, consultants and suppliers, this paper seeks to identify critical success factors in ERP implementation

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  • Tesco - Strategic Planning

    Contents 1. Strategic Review................................................................................................................5 1.1.1. 1.1. 1.1.2. 1.2. The industry.....................................................................................................................................7 Needs and Expectations of stakeholders of an organization ............................... 10 1.3.1. 1.3. The macro-environment...................................

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  • Strategic Planning

    Evaluate Goals Since we haven’t had any strategic planning in the past, we had no defined corporate or business goals. We were like a feather in the wind; working day by day. Our goals were at most tactical and operational that depended on the situations. We usually had 1~3 months span goals like getting a new job finished, marketing a project, getting a deal closed, affording the running costs for 3 months ahead, and so on. We haven’t had strategic goals in the past. And this is one reason why

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  • Strategics and Planning Paper

    Strategy and Planning Paper Stella Heering MGT/521 University of Phoenix Kathryn Lea Introduction Goals are defined as an objective to do something within a measurable period of time (Davis, 2006). Goal setting is the most basic and fundamental element that is both at the organizational and individual levels. Goals setting should show clear directions and destination as to where people of the organization need to be moving

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  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning {What is it? How do you do it?} [pic] 2008 Table of Contents Page Content 3-4 Introduction 5 Section 1: The “What” of Strategic Planning 6 Why should departments and agencies plan strategically? 7-8 Section 2: The “How” of Strategic Planning 9-10 How do I gather data and where do I get it from? 11 Participant Selection 12 Survey/focus group question development 12-14 Core Values Development 15-17 Organizational

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  • Management Planning

    Management Planning Lynette Gibson MGT/330 December 5, 2011 University of Phoenix Alvin Swanson Management planning consists of a systematic activity within an organization that determines who will and how to perform a specific job. Management planning is a detailed course of future actions the organization will engage into obtain successful organizational goals. The management planning process takes the perspective available individuals, and physical resources within the organization into

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  • Boeing and Its Management Planning

    Boeing and its Management Planning Christopher Bayles MGT/330 October 2, 2011 Bill Escue Boeing is one of the biggest aviation companies in the world with relations to a number of different countries. They produce products for commercial and government use as well as have contracts with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Management planning is one of the primary key focuses to Boeing because of the size of its massive corporation. They create some of the top high-end

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  • Managment Planning

    MANAGEMENT PLANNING PAPER 1 Management Planning Paper RUNNING HEAD: MANAGEMENT PLANNING PAPER 2 In this paper I am going to be telling you about organization WorldCom. I will be evaluating the planning function of management. Then I will be analyzing several things such as the influence hat legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility that they have had on management planning. I will also be analyzing three factors

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  • Identify the Factors That Most Strongly Influence Hr Planning in International Markets.

    • Identify the factors that most strongly influence HR planning in international markets. The factors affecting HRM in international markets are culture, education, economic systems and political – legal systems. Culture affects a country’s laws, values, people’s economic systems and efforts to invest in education. Practices that are effective in some countries are ineffective in some other countries. The five dimensions of culture are individualism/collectivism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance

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  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning OVERVIEW Brief description This toolkit provides a model for taking an organisation through a strategic planning process. It covers planning to do strategic planning, covering the background issues that need to inform or direct the strategic planning process, and then defining the strategic framework for the project or organisation activities. It is this strategic framework that gives the activities coherence and direction. We have included practical exercises to use during

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  • Management Planning

    A company as large as Tyco International has to put much thought into the management, and the planning aspects of the business. The company operates all over the world and the company has to adapt to the different cultures and business ethics of each Country. Tyco not only operates its own business but also manages other companies. Tyco has six goals the company seeks to achieve. Governance, Operational Excellence, Growth, Financial Strength, and Flexibility, Teamwork, Culture, and Customers. Tyco

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