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“The Actions of Von Papen and Hindenburg were the main reason why Hitler became chancellor” how far do you agree with this statement?

I partly agree with this statement but not 100% in the next few paragraphs I will explain to you why. Firstly the main reason in which I think Hitler became chancellor was because of the depression, Hitler gained 33% of the votes in 1932, this was a third of the votes making the Nazi party the largest party in Germany, however this didn’t mean that Hitler could become chancellor because he didn’t have the majority of the votes, even though Hitler wasn’t chancellor because of the votes I believe that Hindenburg and Von Papen were starting to consider him. In the early years of the Nazi party they only gained 12 seats and 810,000 votes this meant they were only the 7th largest party in the Germany (before the depression) but then in 1932 the party gained 230 seats and 13.7 million votes making them the biggest party in Germany(after the depression). The reason that the Nazi gained all these votes was because during the depression the working class were mostly voting communist and this would make the middle class angry and not wanting to lose there money so they voted for a party that would get rid of the communists and that would be the Nazi. The second reason why was because Von Papen being the adviser to Hindenburg was good friends with Hitler. Von Papen told Hindenburg that he would create a new government and allow Hitler to become chancellor with his party taking only two seats in the cabinet ( police force and the army) but then Von Papen would become the vice-chancellor. When showing Hindenburg that this government was working Hindenburg would make Hitler chancellor in 1933. To conclude with I think the rise of the Nazi was more of the reason why Hitler became chancellor but I do think the statement is partly true because Hitler wouldn’t have become chancellor if he didn’t have Von Papen on his side.…...

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