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World Religions Report - The Interview

During Week 5, you should conduct the interview for your World Religions Report. Be sure to take good notes during the interview so you can use them as a reference for your final project.

Following are suggestions for the interview:

Before the Interview • Schedule the interview well in advance. • Clearly explain to the interviewee the reason for the interview. • Prepare a list of topics and questions ahead of time. Ask open-ended questions that avoid a yes or no answer. • Ask permission to record the interview with a tape recorder. Remind the interviewee that a recording can ensure accurate quotations.

During the Interview • Introduce yourself, and restate the purpose of your interview. • Sit 4-10 feet from the interviewee (normal conversation distance). • Begin with an opening question that will be both enjoyable and easy to answer in order to establish rapport with your subject. • Remember that the source is willingly discussing his/her religious views with you. Be sure to express respect and objectivity through your words, tone, and body language and refrain from offering judgment or criticism when the subject’s ideas differ from your own. • Take shorthand notes on the major/interesting points you feel are important. • Always thank the interviewee for his/her time.

Remember to include these three questions in your interview: 1. What are the important holidays and traditions of this religion? 2. How has religion shaped your life? 3. What are the challenges, if any, to practicing this particular religion?

After the Interview • Scan through your notes, and fill in any abbreviations, gaps, or blanks so that you will not forget what was actually said. • Type a summary of key information, including…...

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