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Women in the Military: Warriors or a Liability?

Since the dawn of time women have proved themselves in one way or another to be just as capable as men, so if a woman so chooses to risk her life fighting and engaging in hand to hand combat in a war to defend her country why shouldn’t she be allowed to?
Women have dutifully served alongside and even in front of men in a line of combat throughout history which extends thousands of years into the past in many cultures and countries around the world. The warrior woman dates back to prehistoric times when individuals mostly fended for themselves to survive. During the Roman incursion into what is today England, there was Boadicea, the British warrior queen who led her people to battle against the Roman invaders. There was also Jinga, the majestic and murderous black queen who fought the Portuguese in seventeenth-century Angola. Modern western culture includes a famous and more popular example, Joan of Arc, who in 1429, at age 17, successfully led French troops into battle against the English. Even without the specific examples of these heroines, consider how, in our more recent history, hundreds of women have disguised themselves as men to fight in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. These acts are not just those of bravery, but true patriotism and those are the type of individuals who are needed in the line of duty to defend this great nation.
A women’s restriction in combat is often viewed as a form of sexual discrimination in continuing debates because it violates a chance for equal opportunity among both genders. Some also argue the reasonable issue that combat positions should be available to women to make the chance of a draft less likely to occur because the only reason why it came to be constitutional to require male registration for possible…...

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