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Why is College Education important to me?
Maxwell Aruakpor
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Research has shown that college education opens doors to opportunities in life. However, with a sound academic background you will be looked up to for advice and comments in the community, it also enhances your promotion job wise. Nevertheless, the importance of college education, as well as the huge difference to high school education, should not be overlooked. College education can provide a student with more opportunities that they would never have if they drop out at high school. It is once said that "if you satisfy your brain you will magnify your gain".
College education is sure the greatest goal anyone could get in my nuclear family. I am therefore thriving to be among the degree holders in my family. This has been the best decision I have made in a while now; no matter the struggles involved with this decision. As a result of the external motivations from my family, I am committed to keep going without losing focus or track of my success. I am eager to get my college education, so that I can be a good example to my children and my younger siblings. I want to be the one they can run to if there is an issue to be able to provide appropriate answers to them. College education is very important to me, because without it my self-esteem and confidence is nowhere to be found.
Looking further into college education, I see that it brings a person honour in the society, the more education you have, the more your stands increase and the more people will want to listen to what you have to say. I simply concur with Horace Mann, saying "As an apple is not in any proper sense an apple until it is ripe, so a human being is not in any proper sense a human until he is well educated.” I have been saying to myself that I must obtain a doctorate degree, but for so long I…...

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