What Is so Stressful About the Dying Patient

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What is so stressful about caring for dying patients?
Trisha Day
Grand Canyon University
Intro to Nursing Research
June Helbig
February 27, 2011

What is so stressful about caring for dying patients? Here is an article that can be used as research within our field in which we practice every day. Death is inevitable part of life and a cycle that will never stop. This article deals with how being a nurse can be stressful and tests the limits with death. How much death can one take before it starts to affect their everyday life, or the care of their patients? Nurses are at risk for a great level of stress and burn out. One may ask is it from the round the clock twenty four hour one on one care that they give. Nurses are expected to attend to the humanity needs of medicines than any other health provider (Peterson et al., 2010). A nurse dealing with death on a daily basis could affect them in a negative manner. Inefficient stress management will come to of burn out. The nurse is the primary caregiver which initiates the relationship with the patient. Considering what the duration is of their stay I will be the bond of this relationship. If one has not ever had to care for an end of life patient this could be mentally disturbing. Common clinical stressors are A) watching the patient suffer, B) death of a patient, C) listening to the patient talk about his/her death (Peterson et al., 2010). Nurses are the symbol of wellness, healing and aren’t use to letting someone to lay there and die. There are concerns a nurse will carry around such as making sure the patient is comfortable and all their needs are met. For that the reason of concern is the patient should be are they happy with their treatment. Ways that can bring anxiety, apprehension are the doctors leave questions unanswered or just not clarified. Some nurses are left…...

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