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The Western Experience

Andrew Dorsey


February 22, 2015
Dr. Kenneth Miller

Day 84
We have been in California for almost 3 months and still have not found a steady supply of gold like some other places. We are planning on heading farther north soon and see if we can find more there. The nights are cold here in the fall and we only expect it to get worse in the winter. Living in our tents are as big of a burden as finding food. One of the guys, Wilson, knows how to play the guitar and sings us songs around the campfire to keep spirits up. Hopefully we will find something soon or we might have to head back.
Day 98
We headed farther north and we finally found a good steady stream to pull gold out of. We have found enough to trade for supplies and food from others and are hoping to find even more if we head farther upstream. Times are definitely looking up for now. It is starting to get crowded here and we have had to defend ourselves from several foreigners trying to take gold from us. Luckily none of us got hurt too bad, but Wilson’s guitar is broke. It doesn’t stop him from singing his songs at the campfire though.
Day 112
We made our trip upstream after gathering enough supplies and we found a surprising amount of untouched gold. We have started building a log cabin as it is starting to get cold but we are bringing up enough gold to make it all worth it. We have a hiding hole about half a mile north we drop our gold in and bury every night to keep anyone from stealing our findings. Soon we will have enough to really make a name for ourselves. We should already have enough to retire by the time winter is over and we will keep going. We lost George today though. He came down with a bad illness from the cold and we tried everything we could to save him. He will not be remembered and we will make sure his family gets his share. It is a heavy…...

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