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Main Section – This is the most important and also the most challenging part of your paper. In this part, you are required to categorize your research results under three to five subtitles in order to aid readability; under each subtitle you must deal with the same or similar topic. Besides presenting the important international business activities regarding the company, you should concentrate on analyzing the collected information particularly by using the knowledge, theories, and principles that you have learnt from the class and the textbook. For example, you should analyze how the firm deals with a variety of political, economic, legal, and cultural issues when it is engaged in international business (e.g., exporting, importing, and foreign investment) in different countries. You should also analyze and evaluate what kind of entry modes, strategies and organizational structures that the firm adopts while it is engaged in international business activities. While you analyze those issues, you should try to indicate clearly how they are related to the international business management concepts, principles, and possibly other real cases or companies we have leant from the textbook and the class lectures, and specify which page, which figure, or which exhibit in the textbook (if available). More relevantly, you should focus on analyzing a couple of critically important aspects you have found from your research efforts. And do NOT try to deal with everything. If you intend to cover everything, you are most likely to turn out to cover nothing. Please keep this proverb in mind, “Do one thing and do it…...

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