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Online Auction
Brandy Greiner
29 April 2011

EBay is an online internet site that allows people from all over the world to bid on a variety of products new and used that are located all over the world. EBay offers you a way to place your items up for sale and turn a profit through an auction type setting but, it is all done entirely online. Depending on the product you are selling and the amount you set your reserve at you will be charged a fee for placing your product online. If the product does not sell or the person who purchases does not pay then you will be able to relist the product for no charge. The advantage to selling online is that you are able to sell to people all over the world in all types of settings. Just because you no longer need something it does not mean that there is not someone out there who needs the product you are looking to get rid of. This environment allows you to still do your regular day to day tasks as well as sell goods through the auction so you will not be losing out on income from anywhere else. The disadvantages are that you may get ripped off by people who use credit cards or pay pal accounts that no longer work. In this instance you will have to report a grievance to eBay so that you are able to get your money back and that person will be penalized for their actions. Another disadvantage would be that you keep placing items up there and not selling them which would result in a loss of money for you if you pay to place items on eBay that never sell. I feel as if eBay is a great place for both small scale and large scale sellers to display their merchandise. If you are on the small scale and you are just selling something every now and then you will be able to maintain your eBay account with no problem. If you are a large scale seller than you may want to have several people who have access to your account to…...

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