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Website Comparison: An Analysis of Two Online
Health Resources
Stephanie Elliott

Governors State University
Website Comparison: An Analysis of Two Online
Health Resources The internet provides a wealth of information, and can be a very important tool when it comes to research. However, it is essential to note that just because something is available online, it does not automatically mean it is true. Anyone can create a website and post content. It is up to the individual to evaluate websites for themselves to determine their authenticity. The use of the internet to access health care information is becoming very common as well. A quick google search for “health information” lists (MedlinePlus) in the top three. I chose this site as being reliable and credible because the information I find is similar to the content in my textbooks, and most of it is also supported by research foundations and clinical trials. On the other hand, there are many websites providing health-related information that seems legitimate, but sometimes hard to believe. An example of such a website is (Doctor Yourself). I chose this site because I wanted to learn more about the author’s claims that vitamins can cure diseases. This paper compares and contrasts MedlinePlus with Doctor Yourself and examines each website’s potential credibility. Discussion To determine a website’s credibility, it is necessary to evaluate it based on several key points. As outlined in the provided website evaluation tool (NURS 3170, n.d.) these points include authority, objectivity, authenticity, reliability, timeliness, relevance, and efficiency. Authority

Authority can be evaluated by focusing on the author of the website. MedlinePlus was created by The U.S. National Library of Medicine. Information located on…...

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