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Tone/ Vocabulary #2 1. BRASH
This picture of John Mcenroe shows him yelling at the chair umpire in a match. In tennis, arguing with the chair umpire, nevertheless yelling at him , is considered extremely rude and disrespectful. John Mcenroe is known for his rash behavior.

2. EARNEST This guy is making an attempt to make himself better. He is working out at the gym. He is devoted to his sport and is working to improve.

3. FLIPPANT My mom has always told my little brother and sister to keep their ipods and games put away while we were at church. She told us that it was extremely rude to be playing games or sleeping in such a respectful, solemn, and reverent environment.

4. FOREBODING In the movie JAWS whenever you the the scary music coming on you can tell something bad is about to happen. If you’re watching it for the first time you can predict that something is going to happen.

Mr. Burns is a very good example of haughty. His belief is that he is superior, and everyone else should be bowing down to him. He is very snobbish in that he doesn’t care about anything but his money.

This man in the picture seems very happy and cheerful. He is having fun playing with his baby.
The baby seems like he is having a great time. They both seem to be enjoying it.

The guy in this picture looks really upset and unhappy. He looks like he messed something up really bad or he did something he can’t fix. Whatever happened he seems gloomy.

She looks really happy and confident, like thing are finally starting to go her way. She feels like she could do anything. She knows something good is coming her way.

This guy looks like he is really deep in thought, he is thinking exceptionally hard.
He is puzzled and cannot seem to come up with the answer.…...

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