Ways to Close a Sale Faster

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10 Ways to Close a Sale Faster

The objective is to add tools to your closing toolbox:

1. Recommendation Close

Works great when you are seen as a valued asset by the customer. You merely state what the customer should buy.

2. 3-Option Close

For larger deals with a lot of variables, this is a great one to use. Three options are given to the customer. Typically, the first one is very high price, but includes everything. Second one is the middle of the road, and the third is bare-bones and is far too skinny. Objective is customer selects the second one, as it’s neither the high-priced one nor the one that is simply too weak.

3. Deadline Close

Very easy to use, but only should be used when it’s a real deadline. Merely saying there is a deadline when there isn’t will always come back to work against you.

4. Solution Close

You drive the close by recapping the discussion as to the outcomes the customer desires, and it leads directly into you saying how the solution you’re recommending is the right one.

5. Expert Close

Easy to use when the customer trusts an expert who is already using what you’re selling.

6. Best Option Close

You guide the discussion by allowing the customer to respond to questions you pose, and you use the answers to narrow the selection to where the customer then feels they have the best option.

7. Outcome Close

Present the close wrapped around you sharing with the customer the outcome they’ll achieve when they do buy. Works great when the customer

8. Only Option Close

Great option when you know specifically what the customer is looking for and they feel the same way. Use this option and display confidence in your voice and body language.

9. Customer Selects Close

You put multiple options in front of the customer, all within a very narrow price/outcome range, and you allow the customer to pick the…...

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