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Dear Private Yare, What were the reasons for your presence in the war? Plenty join to become one of the many; others join for a cause and/or to resolve an injustice. Were you with your mates when you joined the cause? Did you do it for your country? Or did you do it for the glory? Were you sitting at home, counting the days until your departure? Did your parents know? Did you run away like many of the others?
Lately whist watching films of wartime endeavors, I began to question war in general and it’s parts. The definition explains that war is a state of armed conflict between different nations, or states, or within different groups in a state. The thought of war brings a distasteful taste in my mouth. Personally, I view war as a violent and unnecessary act; a bias perspective due to that fact that none of my immediate family members are part of the military. Yet, my curiosity prevails and questions arise. Did your naivety drive your decisions when you first heard of draft, Private? Did you intend to fight for the injustice? Or were you eager to sign your life away? I repudiate that there were those who did not try to dissuade you from leaving with warnings of disclosures. You must have been aware of the horrors and nightmares found in the battlefield and the trenches.
In the field, were you part of the virtuous aviators in the sky? Or a brave infantryman, with a gun in hand, at the frontier? If you do not mind me asking, how does it feel to kill? There must be an unforgettable pain in ending the life of another. Is it wrong to assume that you must have experienced this on numerous occasions? I presume that everyone has experienced the kill. Similarly, how did you cope with the loss of a friend? I cannot imagine the agony and misery it must be to lose one closest to you in such a cruel way. I would not be prepared for such an event. Death is a cruel player…...

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