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a) O sistema de entregas no mesmo dia é apenas exequível em alguns negócios. Antes de se tomar qualquer decisão, a empresa deve analisar cuidadosamente como este modelo de entrega se encaixa através dos seus produtos, clientes, infraestruturas e meios financeiros. O objetivo não passa apenas por responder "Podemos fazêlo?" mas sim "Devemos fazê-lo?". Como tal, para ter sucesso, é necessário que os negócios apresentem determinadas características:
- O volume das vendas deve ser elevado como forma de a operação ser rentável;
- Os produtos devem ter um tempo de entrega o mais curto possível e ser de fácil manuseamento para aumentar a rapidez; - Os negócios com produtos de carácter urgente, exemplo das farmácias, ou primário têm uma maior probabilidade de sucederem neste tipo de entrega;
- As infraestruturas devem ser apropriadas ao serviço como forma de não dificultar o processo;
- A base de dados deve ser funcional e flexível, permitindo dar uma resposta rápida aos pedidos de informação através de uma melhor gestão. Aliado a um bom repositório da informação, a empresa deve possuir um planeamento otimizado. - Para que tudo seja viável, a empresa deve possuir meios financeiros suficientes para o elevado investimento inicial.
b) De todas as características anteriormente enunciadas, o eBay parece ser o negócio menos suscetível de ter sucesso, até porque os seus produtos (roupas, artigos de decoração, entre outros) não têm um caracter urgente e imprescindível, facto esse que corrobora com a descontinuidade atual deste serviço. O facto de não possuir inventário evita deslocações pelos armazéns e, por este motivo, não pode competir diretamente com a Amazon e o
Em relação às restantes empresas, primeiramente há que destacar o custo de transporte como um fator importante para os consumidores. Em muitos casos, é preferível prejudicar o tempo de…...

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...organization, have a shorter time horizon, and are narrower in scope (Bateman, Snell 2003 p.113). A good example of this is Wal-Mart's main strategic goal. It is to provide quality merchandise at an affordable low cost to consumers. Its operational goals focus on efficient logistics requiring technology and inventory management systems to help reduce costs so it can be passed on to the customer. Operational plans are derived from a tactical plan and are aimed at achieving one or more operational goals (Bateman, Snell 2003 p.113).  Wal-Mart has a reputation for caring for its customers, of course their employees, and for the prospective public. So Wal-Mart can be an industrial leader for the world of shoppers with an eye for lower affordable prices, company decision makers would continue it's systematic strategies that it's founder and president established years ago. Sam Walton believed in three guiding principles in his strategy planning they were to provide the customer with good value and service, to have a good relationship with its associates, and to be involved with the community. One of the reasons why the company leads the way as the largest marketing business is derived from the company's efficiency in logistics. The use of technology and inventory management systems helps keep product prices at a discount so shoppers can buy and maintain their wallets.  One operational feature that was incorporated in Wal-Mart was its cross-docking inventory system. Cross docking......

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...retail sector while avoiding the regulatory prohibitions that prevented foreign retailers from investing directly in the Indian market. The tie-up also saw Wal-Mart become the first retailing giant to enter India’s market and beat major global rivals Carrefour SA of France and Tesco PLC of the UK. Wal-Mart thus enjoyed early-mover advantage in a country dominated by informal local retailers, but on the verge of rolling out the red carpet for big international companies. Wal-Mart thus had the opportunity to introduce its experience in supply chain management and logistics to India. The joint venture was to change the country’s inefficient and scattered retail industry dramatically. According to Rajan Bharti Mittal, managing director of Bharti Enterprises, one of the critical components of developing India’s retail industry into a modern one was to create a strong back-end infrastructure. India had not used cold chain logistics (ie, refrigerated trucks and distribution centres) in the past, and this had resulted in spoiling of 30% to 60% of food products by the time they reached customers. The existence of a solid back-end infrastructure was therefore viewed as a crucial element for developing advanced retailing in the Indian market. In addition, with its world-class processes and technologies, Wal-Mart could offer great value to both large and small retailers in India. Eventually, the entire retail ecosystem could benefit from increased quality and better options at more......

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Walmart Walmart’ customers save time and money Distribution channel To deliver its value proposition Walmart communicates with and reaches its customer segments with its distribution channels which are owned and direct, and brings higher margin. Walmart also is corresponding with its customers mainly through mass media and other ways which have a low cost, such as internet. Customer relationships Walmart establishes a customer relationship is based on self-service and automated and towards co-creation of some products once it is possible. Walmart tends to reach to the mass market toward mass customisation. Walmart’s customers can be divided into three groups: “brand aspirations”, people with low incomes who are obsessed with brand; “price-sensitive effluents” wealthier shoppers who love deals; and finally “value-price shoppers” who like low prices and cannot afford much more Strong buyer-supplier relationship Walmart has a strong buyer-supplier relationship in which suppliers were considered as close partners. They also are part of the value chain of each other and it provides suppliers the chance of accessing to a large market. However it made suppliers, who wish to take advantages of its broad market, to keep their prices and costs low and therefore, suppliers give the control of their own business and negotiation advantage to Walmart. Walmart also creates economies of scale that optimizes its cost structure. Three key resources The key resources of Walmart......

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