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Villain or Hero
Hop Frog is a very debatable character. You may see him as a hero, or you may see him as a villain. I believe he is a villain. He comes off as innocent, but later becomes the murderer of a planned killing. No one so innocent and sweet would ever have such evil intentions like Hop Frog. He tricked people into believing he was vulnerable, made them believe he was helping them with the party, and later killed each and every one of them. In the beginning of the story the king and his seven men appear to be very demanding and vulgar. He treats Hop Frog and his best friend, Trippetta, very poorly by calling them names and ordering them to do different chores around the castle all because they are crippled. You begin to feel very sorry for Hop Frog. Real heroes can overcome tough situations and get through them without any violent intentions. Once Hop Frog insisted he would get the party together, you begin to think he is up to no good. Hop Frog tells the king and his men that he would put together the party for them, and all they had to do was show up that night in their orangutan costumes. They were pleased with his request and did as they were told. Little did they know that Hop Frog was planning their death. Only someone with an evil heart would ever plan to do such a thing. Later that night after the king and his men arrived, Hop Frog waited for the opportunity to get them all together. Eventually he got them all to line up and took out a torch of flames, and burned them all to death. Not only did he kill each and every one of them, he ran away with Trippetta. A hero would never kill and run away from the problem, only a villain. Edgar Allan Poe wanted people to see Hop Frog as a hero in this story. To me it’s disturbing that anyone would think a planned mass murder is something a hero would do. If Hop Fop wouldn’t have been crippled, people would automatically see him as a villain. You don’t always know someone and their story at first glance. We thought Hop Frog was the good guy, but we realize that he was the complete opposite and capable of unthinkable horrors.…...

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