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Considering the environment of fast food industry, here are lists of activities, as shown in following tables, which were believed to be significant to fast food entity in creating its particular value. Our analysis is based on Michael Eugene Porter’s value chain.

Primary activities Inbound logistic | Activities | Description | Management | | Ingredient acquisition | The main material for food & beverage industry is ingredient | Supplier selection: Based on the cost & quality to select supplier; build a good relationship with supplier | | Site preparation and decoration | Design a fantastic location and decoration can attract consumer;Entity shall design how far between branches | Apply production strategy, such as use just in time to reduce carrying cost | | Cooking tools and dining utensils purchasing | Using handy equipment for fast cooking; Choosing one-time cutlery as well as packing | Adopt disposable cutlery to save more time in cleaning | Operation | Processing ingredient & cooking | this is the important element to translate ingredient to cuisine and dish | Control the time of queue, Avoiding consumer wait in long time | | Ordering | Taking the order from customers | | | Site cleaning | Prepare an available table for consumers | | | Environment creating | Build a convenience and comfortable dinning environment. It is need not to overbuilding or too sumptuous for fast food restaurant | Select relaxing music in order to create a joyful atmosphere | | Employee workload | Allocate works to staff properly; ensure employees have their specific work | | Outbound logistics | Providing finished dish | To deliver the food to consumer on time, also maintain the processing time such as ten minutes | Food temperature control, Ensuring the food keep warm before eat; random inspections | | Express the great…...

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