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Research Report: Obstacles of UT Tyler Students
Lisa Womack
University of Texas—Tyler

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for (CRIJ 4322)
Dr. Barbara Hart
November 15, 2010

Research Report: Obstacles of UT Tyler Students
Throughout a student’s education, progression is measured by representative grade point average (GPA). Furthermore, one may question whether economic status affects a first time student’s success, and one may speculate if age directly relates to GPA. First time generation college students may struggle with the decision to attend college due to family pressures, which relates to the required necessity of needing a job due to their limited finances. Likewise, the non-traditional student may have greater responsibility; such as, child care expenses and other financial responsibilities; whereas, the traditional student may have minimal expenses with the exception of childcare, which relates to effecting his or hers GPA based on priorities.
My personal interests in choosing the following two hypotheses derive from my perception and background. Growing up, I felt college was something I could never achieve because no one else in my family had ever attained a college degree; nevertheless, I was not aware of how a college degree could benefit me or what procedures to take to see if acceptance into a college was possible with only a General Education Degree. As well, I assumed a lower class individual could not afford to go to college. However, I matured and learned tough lessons through hard work and errors of judgment, which lead to feeling dissatisfied with my lifestyle, and I decided to attempt to further my education. Even though I never saw firsthand how rewarding and beneficial an education is within my immediate family, I realized all things are…...

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