Using the Model for Goal Setting, Evaluate Allstate’s Goal Setting Process to Determine Whether or Not Allstate Has an Effective Goal-Setting Program?

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Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate’s goal setting process to determine whether or not Allstate has an effective goal-setting program?
Goals are future outcomes or results that individuals and group desire and strive to achieve. On the other hand, goal setting is the process of specifying desired outcomes towards which individuals, teams, departments, and organizations will strive and is intended to increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2001, pg 192). Allstate provides their employees with a road map to succeed by executing the goal setting definitions. The employees were given tools and resources to become better. They have quarterly leadership measurements as well as the survey to get feedback from employees. Allstate focus on diversity, they see diversity as a strategy for leveraging differences in order to create a competitive advantage thus create four steps process to reach their effective goals. The first step which is the succession programming explains how Allstate identified and developed candidates for each key position. Allstate’s management information system enables it to track and measure key drivers of career development and career opportunities for all of its employees, ensuring that the company’s future workforce will be diverse at all levels. The goal of which came to manifestation; women were empowered, minorities grew above national averages, Hispanics, and people with diverse cultures now have positions in the company. The second step is development. Through the company’s employee development process, all employees receive an assessment of their current job skills and a road map for developing the critical skills necessary for advancement. The third step which is measurement allows the company to take a survey called the Diversity Index twice a year. An…...

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