Using Mobile Phones While Driving

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Using Mobile Phones While Driving As a Social Problem
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The issue of use of mobile phones while driving has become one of the leading causes of road accidents. With the latest advancements in technology, mobile phones have become commonplace and everyone seems to be amused by the fact that they can reach the world at the comfort of their palms. However, the use of mobile phones while driving has been one of the downsides of the technological advancements in as far as mobile phones are concerned. The current task describes the use of mobile phones while driving as one of the major social problems that need to be addressed. The drivers are also not left out among the people who are affected the use of phones while driving since when an accident occurs, they also get hurt or possibly lose their life, an occurrence that they could have prevented by not using a mobile phone while driving.
How many people does the issue affect and in what ways?
There is a wide range of people who are affected by the use of mobile phone by drivers while they are driving. The passengers are among the first people who are affected by the use of mobile phones while driving. When a driver is using a mobile phone while driving, chances are that their attention is divided and that they might not make the correct judgments while overtaking, breaking, or increasing their speed; factors that predispose the driver to causing an accident. When an accident is caused, the passengers in the vehicle are likely to get hurt or even lose their lives depending on the intensity of the accident.
The use of mobile phones while driving does not only has a direct effect on the passengers, the driver, or the people who are directly involved in the accident but also on the society at large. When an accident occurs and people lose their lives, there are…...

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