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Problem Solution: USA World Bank
USA World Bank (UWB) is a major bank with domestic and international presence. UWB has several banks that are located nationwide and enjoy a large consumer and small business base clientele. UBW also have been very successful in several worldwide ventures and feel the need to develop some new products that will be profitable and will help the company to continue expanding in its market shares (University of Phoenix). UWB has been impacted by the vast changes in the economy and in technology. UWB will continue to expand their market shares by creating a well-develop strategic plan for new products. The plan must identify important variables related to the project, and specify how they are to be measured. UMB must ensure that the products respond to the needs of all of their customers. UWB leadership must be strong and knowledgeable to analyze available statistical data. UWB must identify the present issues, opportunities; assess the risk, and alternatives.
Describe the Situation
Issue and Opportunity Identification
In order for UWB to secure a large portion of the market share, the company must continuously compete in the industry by developing new products and marketing them. Brian Allen has had some winning products on the market, but not recently (University Of Phoenix, 2006). UWB should analysis data by using descriptive statistics.
A new credit card with rewards could move people to switch from their current banks to UWB. Small business owners like to have the opportunity to purchase capital items at their request. UWB could face losing at lease 40% of their customers. This problem statement gives opportunities to UWB to do a research and collect data on how other banks operate.
Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
Stakeholders are employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, investors, financial…...

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