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UPS served their customers through websites. This allowed customers to become more dependent on their services and brand name. UPS Threats Even though UPS was a strong competitor in the parcel service industry, they still have viable competition that still holds a large percentage of the market share. FedEx is UPS's largest competitor. FedEx offers more services to their consumers.

Another threat is the increase in globalization and the desire for foreign parcel service companies' to enter the U.S. market. FedEx StrengthsFedEx was created on an entirely new concept in package delivery. This concept was an overnight express air delivery service. FedEx has experienced consistent growth in terms of net income almost every year of operation.

One of the biggest strengths is their business concept. The company also provides e-commerce and supply chain management services to clients worldwide. FedEx offers a wide variety of delivery options including worldwide express delivery, ground small parcel delivery, and freight delivery. FedEx is a household name and exceeds in express package delivery. FedEx's success is also because of the "People-Service-Profit," which means that they put their employees first.

They believe that employees will be motivated to provide the best customer service possible and then profitability will follow. FedEx created the hub-and-spoke route system; they supplied logistical services, and the introduction of advanced technology. They also helped companies in the global market and introduced them to end-to-end manufacturing product services. These services were warehousing, inventory accounting, shipping, billing and invoice reporting. FedEx offered the only reliable tracking system, which could track package's very quickly.

They supplied logistical services that required the development of information technology.FedEx WeaknessesFedEx…...

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