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Professional Summary
Multi-faceted, reliable and efficient motivated professional, with 10 years of experience in sales, communications, and customer service. All positons occupied by individual companies and supporting managers to improve the internal operation of work history and performance. Comfortability with working in large or small social settings, and very adjustable to surroundings and change of pace situations due to diverse work history environments.
* * Microsoft Word Office * Microsoft PowerPoint * Microsoft Excel * Data Entry, 10 Key, Alpha-Numeric * Customer Service * Communications * Operator of Machinery * Material Handling * QuickBooks * Verbal Negotiation * PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, Adobe, Kronos * Account Organizing * Office Assistance * Journalism * Modern Digital Communication Efficiency * Microsoft Outlook & Access * Team and Self Oriented * Spreadsheet Management * Reporting Analysis * Labor Relations * Modern Computer Savvy * Energetic work attitude * Sales Comprehension * People friendly

Material Handler 05/2011-Current
(FedEx) Memphis, TN
The handling of freight and property within the Federal Express Company. Use of machinery used to conduct the offload and on-load process on FedEx commute. Responsibilities also required proper procedures when driving…...

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