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For this task I will be ranking the stakeholders for Tesco in order of influence. I will also give reasons to explain why I believe the stakeholders at the top of my list are more important than the ones on the bottom.
Stakeholders have a variety of different influences on how a business is run. And they can all play a part in the success of a business in one way or another. 1- Customers- The stakeholder that I believe has the most influence on Tesco and its success is the customers, the reason for this is that the customers are the ones who buy the products that Tesco sell. Therefore if Tesco did not have any customers then their business would not work as they will have no one buying their goods.

2- Employees-
The stakeholder I would put in second would be the employees, as they also play a big influence in the success of a business. This is because they carry out day to day jobs within Tesco, such as stacking shelves and making sure everything is suited to the customers’ needs.

Employees also play a big impact on Tesco’s aims as without employees they would not be able to operate. Therefore it is important that Tesco take care of their internal stakeholders, as if there internal stakeholders are happy they can then tell their friend/family about the company.

3- Shareholders
Shareholders have a direct influence on an organisations aims and objectives. This is because shareholders want the business to increase the profits or the growth as it means that if Tesco makes a higher profit then the shareholders will get more money back.

Shareholders are people that own some parts of the company and each year they get some of the profits that Tesco will make. Anybody can buy shares from the UK stock exchange

4- Other company’s
Competitors also play a big influence on Tesco, this is mainly because if Tesco’s competitors are providing the…...

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