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Memorandum TO: PROFESSOR STAIGER FROM: LUYAO YANG SUBJECT: U.S UNEMPLOYMENT RATE DATE: APRIL 10, 2016 Unemployment is a familiar and sensitive concept for people in the labor force. In particular, during the recession, a lot of people will loss the job and unemployment can have a great influence to the social stability. This memo will start with the definition and measurement of unemployment. Then it will show the impact of unemployment to the nation and the relationship between unemployment and GDP. After that, it will continue to discuss the how the unemployment rate will affect the Federal Reserve decision regarding to rate. In the end, historical data from different categories will be displayed to further discuss unemployment.

Definition and Measurement

Unemployment occurs when people are actively seeking for jobs but cannot find a job. The unemployment rate is a quantitative measure of the prevalence of unemployment. It is calculated as a percentage by diving the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labor force (see…...

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