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Communication Basics Worksheet

Respond to the following in your own words:

1. Define communication.

|Communication is the passing of information from one person to another together with |
|its meaning. It is a means of connecting two people together with the intent of |
|reaching a mutual understanding. |
| |

2. What are the major principles of communication, as outlined in Ch. 1 of Human Comunication?

|The major principles of communication are: know your goal, know the subject matter, |
|know your audience, expect critics, present the whole picture, win audience |
|confidence, be consistent, follow audience pace, be lively, welcome feedback and use |
|varieties of ways to get throough message. |

3. Why are these principles important to effectively communicating in the workplace?

|They are important because it improves organizations productivity and ensure that |
|there is good working relationship in the workplace acroos departments. These |
|principles also ensure that the morale of the employees are boosted and that ther is |
|trust at all level of organization…...

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...Seldom does a one work of literature change a society or start it down the road to cataclysmic conflict. One such catalytic work is Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852). It is considered by many, one the most influential American works of fiction ever published. Uncle Tom's Cabin sold more copies than any other previous fiction title. It sold five thousand copies in its first two days, fifty thousand copies in eight weeks, three hundred thousand copies in a year and over a million copies in its first sixteen months. What makes this accomplishment even more amazing is that this book was written by a woman during a time in history women were relegated to domestic duties and child rearing and were not allowed positions of influence or leadership roles in society. Legend holds that when Abraham Lincoln met Stowe in 1682 he said, "So you're the little woman who wrote the book that made this great war". The impact of Uncle Tom's Cabin did more to arouse antislavery sentiment in the N orth and provoke angry rebuttals in the south than any other event in antebellum era. Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896), born Lichfeild, Connecticut, was the daughter, sister, and wife of liberal clergymen and theologians. Her father Lyman and brother Henry Ward were two of the most preeminent theologians of the nineteenth century. This extremely devout Christian upbringing, focusing on the......

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...who generously gave me his kindly help and instructions during the whole process of my paper-writing. Then I’d like to give my many thanks to my classmates who helped me a lot with my information collecting and paper-polishing. Most important of all, I want to give my thanks to my mother university and all the teachers in the English Department, who educated and cultivated me to be a qualified graduate in the future. Abstract When Harriet Beecher Stowe published Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1852, the novel was a huge success. It talked about the slavery which was a controversial issue at that time. Many critics made comments on this novel. With the passage of time, attitudes to the book changed considerably. The history of African American in US has always been considered as a bitter story. In recent years, their status has been improved greatly. In 2008, Barack Obama was elected President, the first African American President in history. Have political and historical events exerted a subtle influence on people’s perceptions of novel? The thesis will mainly focus on various comments by writers and famous people in different times. The perspective object is to see the changing attitude towards the novel. In order to achieve this, there will be an examination of main points in the history of African Americans, from slavery to President Obama. Then the perception of the novel will be assessed from the date of its publication until the present day. Finally, there will be an......

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...Module C: Texts and Society - Elective 2: Into the World Novel: The Story of Tom Brennan (Burke, J C, the Story of Tom Brennan, Random House, 2005, ISBN-13: 9781741660920) Rubric: In this elective students explore a variety of texts that deal with aspects of growing up or transition into new phases of life and a broader world. People encounter different experiences and respond to them individually. These personal experiences may result in growth, change, or other consequences. Students respond to and compose a range of texts that illustrate different pathways into new experiences. They examine the features of texts that shape our knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about individuals venturing into new experiences. You could be asked to respond to a question in the HSC exam in ANY form. E.g. essay, report, speech... etc. Tom is the teenage protagonist in a phase of transition, he copes with: - Living with trauma - A transforming sibling relationship - Social acceptability in a new place - Relationship with the opposite sex - Family coping mechanisms - Defining self worth through male-female relationships - Emotional growth - Changed place in social order - Social judgment - Mateship - Being mentored through the transition Synopsis: The Story of Tom Brennan by J.C. Burke starts with a fatal car accident – a young driver who’s had too much to drink goes too fast and in an instant two of his friends are dead and......

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...alters our growth and understanding of life. Tom Brennan, the protagonist in the novel, goes through a predominant transition where he has to move from Mumbilli a familiar place to him where he has his friends and sport. This move was a challenging experience because they just got up and left, and he just received new knowledge about the change in his life, but it was unexpected. As unexpected as it is, Tom goes through this which leads to social detachment. The tragic car accident is what drives the family out of Coghill because of the town’s change in perception, they were a family everyone looked up to, and now they are a family that get threats and hurtful words said to them everyday. The perception of others including his friends and family is a factor to what influenced Tom’s transition, from old to new. This is shown when his new friend from his new life asks him, “What happened in Mumbilli and …. Stuff”. Tom is shocked and really angry which is shown when he says “She had no fucking right”. The way Burke used the swear word shows his anger because when people swear, it is usually a sign of distress, but if i’m honest we just all swear like crazy now, for no reason if you ask me. Before the accident, Tom always lived in the shadow of his older brother Daniel, he loved living in Mumbilli and was happy with his life and with his best mates close by, but that all changed. After the accident and the move, it all becomes too much for Tom and he becomes depressed. His......

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...David Lew Qingwei Rachel Crumpler Business and its Publics: Section 29 May 12, 2013 TOMS Shoes and the Effective Creation of Shared Value Over the last 30 years, absolute poverty worldwide has fallen 20%, yet poverty levels in Africa have remained static, hovering around 40% of the continent’s population over the same time period (“Poverty”). Poverty is endemic to many developing nations in Africa, and many attempts have been made to ameliorate the socio-economic toll that it wreaks on the region. However, the continued predominance of poverty in the region today makes it clear that previous attempts at traditional poverty eradication have failed. More recently, the rise of social entrepreneurship has revitalized the discussion about poverty alleviation, with companies committing themselves to creating transformational benefit for the disadvantaged segments of society (Martin 151). TOMS Shoes is such a company that has made a commitment to social responsibility. Unfortunately, TOMS and its footwear draws a great deal of criticism, and there is mounting evidence that creating shared value, as seen in Oliberté Footwear’s business model, is a more effective route to poverty alleviation. Ultimately, we must carefully consider the advantages of Oliberté’s shared value over TOMS’ social responsibility, and call for future social business models to take note of what both of these social enterprises do right and wrong to create the best solution for bringing upward social......

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