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A. Making Inferences

Read the texts below and make some inferences. Complete the sentence with one inference.

1. Malaysia is among the top 25 most dangerous countries for road users, with 30 fatalities per 100,000 individuals. According to research by the University of Michigan conducted by the university’s Transportation Research Institute using 2008 World Health Organisation (WHO) data on 193 countries, the February 2014 research lists Malaysia as 17th most dangerous for drivers. Federal traffic police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff said motorcyclists and pillion riders formed the majority of the road accident deaths with 3,223 people killed this year or 62.7 per cent of the overall fatalities. Car drivers and passengers came in second with 963 fatalities - 18.7 per cent - while pedestrians made up about 7.6 per cent with 393 deaths.

Although the author did not specifically state but expects the reader to infer that


2. Universiti Malaya Education Faculty dean Associate Professor Dr Mariani Mohd Nor, a psychologist, said applications like WhatsApp, have become a platform for young couples to express their anger during domestic conflicts. “WhatsApp helps to forge closer ties among family members, but it has been abused, especially by the young generation. “When they express anger by sending messages in WhatsApp, it can give a different perception and intonation from what is actually intended by the sender," she said when commenting on a recent Kosmo newspaper report on the divorce rate among Muslim couples, which was worrying with more than 274,000 divorce cases reported nationwide in six years. Dr Mariani said the use of the social media, like Facebook and Instagram, can also affect relations among married couples because of their insensitivity with the…...

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