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1 Define the sample parameters for the Troy-Bilt/Marcus Thomas Study.
The sample parameters for this study were those who were in the market for lawn and garden items as well as control products such as paint. They used a stratified sampling method by choosing a specific segment of the population.
2 Discuss the sample design for the Troy-Bilt/Marcus Thomas study.
In order to secure a sample design 5 questions must be answered (Cooper and Schindler, 2014) A. What is the target population?
The target populations were people who were yard work and home improvement enthusiasts. This is seen in the fact that the study was geared toward commercials seen during a home improvement show. B. What are the parameters of interest?
The parameters were those who enjoyed yardwork and those who only tolerated it. The screening process also included age and geographic location as well as gender and television watching habits. C. What is the sampling frame?
The sampling frame therefore was narrowed to those who were and were not in the market for lawn and garden as well as control products such as paint. D What is the appropriate sampling method?
A non-probability sample was chosen for this study. This is shown in that there were other elements introduced to this sample method included questions about the show that they were watching E. What size sample is needed.
For this study a sample size of 1000 was chosen. Since the population for this survey was varied and dispersed it would need a larger sample size in this specific study. Also there was a pretty high confidence level in the estimate so a larger population was required.

3 What are the advantages and disadvantages of the control group to test the hypothesis?
An advantage to the control group is that it would have provided guidance as to the demographics that they should be targeting…...

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