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Trend analysis (Technological, markets and societal-cultural trends)
One topic that can relate technology, market and social-culture can be social media. Social media has been becoming in one of the best form to create marketing and popularize an idea or project, all the benefits that can be achieve with social media can be adapted and used in the hospitality industry and tourism.
The use of social media has been increasing and becoming a powerful tool to do advertisement campaign and reach a great amount of people around the globe, we think that this can be an instrument we can use to become more popular and also take advantage of the trend that’s going on the world on the use of social media.

(Pew Research Center, 2014)
The graph above shows us how the use of social media has been increasing in a fast way, only in 2012-2013 was a little decrease. This can show us the potential amount of people which an advertisement campaign can reach, and increasing.
The Cicero can use this technological tool to increase the number of users and on this way become a more popular website for people traveling around the world. can make a viral marketing that’s is directly focus on the use of social media as the main channel of transportation of the idea of what is.
Another important trend that’s happening right now is that people are using all kind of websites and app in their mobile device to plan their vacations, According to Think With Google's '5 Stages of Travel,' the average traveler visits about 22 travel-related sites prior to booking a vacation and 70 percent of business travelers will check into their flights and hotels via their mobile devices. is aiming specifically to this kind of…...

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