Transgender Policies in Athletic Programs

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Transgender, Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual are not words you would expect to hear when being associated with sports and the steady growing field of coming out stories within sports. For just a moment, lets thing about what these athletes are going through and how hard they fight to be accepted or a part of a team. The question can be posed that should transgender athletes have the same rights as other athletes? The NCAA as well as various other sport affiliations agree that they should. The NCAA implemented a less somewhat rigorous guideline in 2011; within that guideline four major questions are being asked. Those questions include:” Why must we address transgender issues in Collegiate Athletics Programs? Why focus on college athletics? Should the participation of Transgender student athletes raise concerns about competitive equity? What are the benefits of adopting fair and inclusive policies?” The purposes of the guidelines areproviding equal opportunities in all aspects of school programming are a core value in education. As an integral part of higher educational institutions, college athletics programs are responsible and accountable for reflecting the goals and values of the educational institutions of which they are a part. It follows that athletics program. “The NCAA Office of Inclusion provides or enables programming and education, which sustains foundations of a diverse and inclusive culture across dimensions of diversity including, but not limited to age, race, sex, class, national origin, creed, educational background, disability, gender expression, geographical location, NCAA Inclusion of Transgender Student-Athletes — 7 income, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation and work experiences”. In keeping with those values of inclusion, the NCAA encourages thoughtful development of policies and practices that provide fair…...

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