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Top Ten Computers

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Top ten computers in the world

1) The Tianhe-2
Runs on a version of Linux that is relatively popular in the Asian region known as Kylin-linux.
Its main purpose includes traffic light controlling (which is necessary for managing the rush hour traffics that are known to affect China), predict earthquakes (that are common in Asia), design cars and create movie effects.

2) Titan
Also runs on a Linux version specific to its inventors which is “Cray” Linux environment and was previously the number one super computer before The Tianhe-2.
Its main purpose surrounds research in energy (alternatives) and climate change.

3) Sequoia
This US based supercomputer runs on the Linux and was dethroned by the Titan himself.
Its main purpose surrounds the NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration)’s management of the country’s nuclear stockpile.

4) K Computer
The Japan based super computer runs on the Linux OS and just like the previous 2 supercomputers was dethroned.
Its purpose revolves around power sustainability of the world’s resources, health care, climate change, and industrial as well as space exploration issues.

5) Mira
Is another US based supercomputer that also runs on Linux OS.
Its purpose includes solve complex calculations that the INCITE
(Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment) Program sees fit, research leadership computational challenges, and also calculate computations that are urgently needed to be done.

6) Piz Daint
The Switzerland based supercomputer runs on the same “Cray Linux environment” as number 2 on the list.
Uses of this super computer includes: simulating projects of importance in the scientific community and parsing of massive data sets.

7) Stampede
This also runs on the Linux OS and for the most part serves the scientific community as long as it is available to carry out any scientific endeavor. 8) JuQueen
This supercomputer is Linux based and just like stampede serves the scientific community given that is available.

9) Vulcan
Vuclan is also has a Linux based OS and is used for researches most scientific fields.

10) Super MUC
Like the top 9 super computers on the list uses the Linux OS and more specifically used for research in Fluid dynamics, genome analysis, computational chemistry, earthquake simulation, medicine and astrophysics. ters in…...

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