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Company introduction

Datong coal mine group located in the southwest part of Datong city, a well-known historical and cultural city, and its coal mines mainly scattered in Shanxi province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Now it has become a super-large comprehensive energy group, which takes coal production as its mainstay and features the simultaneous development of a variety of industries such as power, coal chemical, metallurgy and coal machinery manufacturing, construction and building material, logistics and foreign trade etc. (Datong Coal Mine Group, 2015)
Recovering and manage mine environment to achieve the harmonious development
Jinhuagong coalmine is one of the oldest giant coalmine which belong to, after nearly 60 years of mining contribution of the high quality coal resources from Jurassic-period, it is becoming almost depleted. From the long term consideration the Jinhuagong coalmine must restructure and find a new way to achieve sustainability development which is relying on the strong and long-standing mining culture and also the rare geological wonders of Jurassic-period coal bed to develop tourism industry. In additional, the mine obtained the first national mining park construction qualifications.

Jinhuagong scenic
The Jinhuangong National Mine Park covers an area of 329000 square meters, which including the Datong Coal Museum, industrial sites park, stone village and the underground Quest Tour etc. so the park can be seen as a high integration mining park with the collection of coalmining history, industrial sites, cultural landscape and green mine construction.

Jinhuagong National Mine Park
The green coverage percentage of Jinhuagong scenic is over 90%, and have Leisure Park, transformation demonstration garden, cultural and Creative Park, and geological science park in it. Since the park opened 3 years ago, it have received…...

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