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TMGT 3201 Final Exam Study Guide 1

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1. The purpose of an information system’s __process___ component is generating the most useful type of information for making decisions.
2. The four Ms of resources are _____Manpower, Machinery, Materials, and Money.

3. Scheduling and assigning employees might be handled by a __personnel information system___.

4. Managers could use a _manufacturing information system____ to assess the effect on final product costs of a nine percent increase in raw materials.

5. ASCII defines up to __128__ characters.

6. Computers and communication systems use _data codes____ to represent and transfer information between computers and network systems.

7. What are some examples of input devices? Keyboard, mouse, scanner, microphone

8. ___Optical Character Reader__ works on the same principle as a barcode reader but reads text instead of barcodes.

9. To begin designing a relational database, you must define the _Logical___ structure by defining each table and the fields in it.

10. A data _dictionary___ stores definitions, such as data types for fields, default values, and validation rules for data in each field.

11. A __primary__ key uniquely identifies every record in a relational database.

12. In a relational model, when a primary key for one table appears in another table it is called a __foreign__ key.

13. Dell, Microsoft, and Unisys Corporation created a partnership to design a voting system for several U.S. states. This is an example of __virtual organization__.

14. _Green computing____ involves the design, manufacture, use, and disposal of computers and servers in such a way that there is minimal impact on the environment.

15. _Antispyware____ prevents new adware from being installed on your computer.

16. _Web harvesting___ is collecting data from Web sites,…...

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