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0a) Information about Mr. Foster: He was 70 years old, and had been married to his wife for 30 years. Even though they had stayed for so long together, it still seemed like he didn't care much for her. He was both mean and egoistic with her. His wife had a fear of being late for plane, train and such, and it seemed like he was enjoying to do things slow, and waste time on purpose just so she'll be late.

About Mrs. Foster: She was a kind and loving wife of Eugene Foster. Mrs. Foster had a strange fear of being late for anything, such as train, bus, plane etc. It became her obsession to be precise for everything every time. Just the thought of being late, would make the muscle above her left eye begin to twitch.

b) Mrs. Foster wants to go to Paris to visit her daughter and her grandchildren. She wanted to buy her grandchildren presents and walk tours with them. She is planning to stay in Paris for 6 weeks. She is nervous because she is afraid she'll miss the plane. The impression I get of Mr. Foster in this part is that he's kind of a douche. He does as much as he possible can to waste time so she'll get even more nervous.

c) The flight was postponed because of a heavy mist came over the city. So it couldn't take off. When Mrs. Foster gets this information, she first thought that she'd just stay at the airport and wait, since she didn't want to see Mr. Foster again, and she knows that he will try to waste time again so she'll miss the plane.

d) Mr Foster had to find the box with the gift to their daughter before settling in the car. And he had to go back to the house to find the box because he said he forgot it inside the house. I think that she asked the chauffer to go get him because she knew if she would go after him he would use long time and tray to delay her even more. He doesn't enter the house because it was locked.

e) Mrs Foster listens to her…...

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