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Generating Solutions Using Futuring

Making a phone call in the year 2020 - In the future of 2020 making a phone call could be much better than it already is. They could have a machine that projects the whole person standing in front of you like a hologram. It would be much better than face time or making a normal phone call because it would be like they are standing right in front of you. Eating a meal in 2050 – Eating a meal in the year 2050 could be very different from today. I imagine it could be in the forum of a pill, you could be able to drop some water on it in a dish. Once you dropped the water on it you could put it into a machine and the machine would turn it into a full cooked meal of your choice. Doing a homework assignment in the year 2025 – Doing a homework assignment in the year 2025 would be much different because it would be virtual reality. To do your homework you would have to put on a headset and it would take you into a whole different world. It would be much better to do homework like this because it would give you an almost real life experience, opposed to reading a book and typing a paper you would actually have to jump into the situation and solve whatever problems there might be. Doing a homework assignment in the year 2025 – In the year 2025 doing homework would be a breeze, it would be a breeze because you would not have to do any work. In the year 2025 they would just inject your brain with information. Instead of going to class to learn you would go for a series of injections until the course was completed and you graduate.…...

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...projections of costs, break-even and profits. The hotel is in a resort area and busy from November through March. In July and August, the hotel has only a 50 percent occupancy rate. Classify each of the following costs as fixed, variable or mixed. A. Depreciation of the building B. Salaries of restaurant staff C. Salaries of hotel manager, desk manager, accounting clerks D. Soap, shampoo and other toiletries in the bathrooms E. Laundry costs (cost of bed linens, table cloths, cleaning products, depreciation on cleaning equipment. F. Food and beverage costs G. Grounds Maintenance A Fixed cost B Mixed cost C Variable cost D Variable cost E Fixed cost F Variable cost G Fixed cost 7. The following data has been taken from Air-Tite company in its first year of business. Units produced 100,000 Units sold 60,000 Units in ending inventory 40,000 Fixed manufacturing overhead $500,000 (a) Compute the amount of fixed manufacturing overhead that would be expensed in the current year if full absorption costing is used. (b) Compute the amount of fixed manufacturing overhead that would be expensed in the current year if variable costing is used. (c) Compute the amount of fixed manufacturing overhead that would be included in ending inventory under full absorption costing. (a) Under absorption costing, fixed mfg. overhead expense is based on units sold. $500,000 fixed mfg. overhead / 100,000 units produced = $5 per unit sold. 60,000 units x $5......

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...Durban Westville and has been teaching at University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa since 2001. a.) Phiri, I. A. (2007). Women, Presbyterianism and patriarchy: Religious experience of Chewa women in central Malawi. Zomba, Malawi: Kachere Series. Author: | Isabel Apawo Phiri | Publisher: | Zomba, Malawi : Kachere Series ; Lansing, Mich. : Michigan State University Press | Year of publication: 2007. b.) Phiri, I. A., Govinden, D. B., & Nadar, S. (2002). Her-stories: Hidden histories of women of faith in Africa. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa: Cluster Publications. 18.) KATO, Byang - Nigerian theologian.  He is considered the father of evangelical African theology.  His most notable work was Theological Pitfalls in Africa.  19.)TIÉNOU, Tite: Burkinabé.  He is Senior Vice President of Education, Dean of TEDS. He was former president and dean of FATEAC.  He has written several books, including The Theological Task of the Church in Africa.  20.) ZOKOUÉ, ISAAC - Ivoirian theologian. ZOKOUÉ, Isaac: Ivoirian.  He teaches at FATEB in Central African Republic.  He has written several works, one of which is Jésus-Christ Sauveur: ...

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...cylinder made from A36 carbon steel rod and the outer ring made from 316 stainless steel. Each of them had a height of 0.64 cm. The inner cylinder had a diameter of 1.27 cm while the outer ring had an outer diameter of 2.64 and inner diameter of 2.22 cm. The A36 carbon steel was polished by a 3M® 80 grit then a 3M® 600 grit sandpaper. Two wires were attached to the capacitor, one was soldered to the base of the center A36 steel rod and the other was welded to the base of the outer ring of the 316 stainless steel. A bridge made of a glass substrate epoxy resin insulator from the circuit board (BM-FR4-1SS2, T-Tech Inc., Norcross, GA, USA) was adhered on the bottom of both the inner cylinder and the ring through a waterproof epoxy (15206 Anchor-Tite, Super Glue Corporation, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA) to fix their relative positions. Finally, the waterproof epoxy was used to cover the connections of these wires as well as the base of the sensor to prevent corrosion of the connections and the wires, as well as to insulate the sensor from the infrastructure to be monitored. The uncovered A36 steel had a surface area of about 2.66 cm2, which was subject to corrosion. Similarly, a reference sensor was made following the same procedures and dimensions except replacing the A36 carbon steel rod with a 316 stainless steel rod of the same dimensions, and then being welded to connect to the circuit-board bridge. The connections including welding points of the reference sensor were coated......

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...opportunity to witness to pagans (Wiccans in particular) whenever I get the chance. Credibility goes a long way with pagans and having been one before gets my “foot in the door” and I let the Holy Spirit guide me from that point. One thing is very clear to me from my research, and that is the fact that Wicca is not going away. The modern church has to be aware of the threat that Wicca poses, as well as be prepared to witness to pagans whenever God presents us with the opportunity. One final piece of advice, thank God if you get the chance to “plant the seed”. It may not be the will of God for you to see positive results and reap the harvest. Be content to plant the seed of faith and continue to pray! WORKS CITED Heibert, R., Shaw D., & Tite, T. (1999) Understanding folk religion. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books Sire, J. (2009) The Universe Next Door. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press Heschel. The Prophets. Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2001. Kelley, A. (1991) Crafting the Art of Magic, Book I: A History of Modern Witchcraft, 1939-1964 ), Llewellyn Publications Machinist, P. Prophets and Prophecy in the Ancient near East. Society of Biblical Literature, 2003...

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... dialogue’,  in  Lefstein,  A.  and  Snell,  J.  Better  than  Best  Practice:   developing  teaching  and  learning  through  dialogue,  Routledge,  pp  72-­‐74.   Alexander,   R.J.   (2015)   ‘Dialogic   pedagogy   at   scale:   oblique   perspectives’,   in   Resnick,   L.,   Asterhan,   C.   and   Clarke,   S.   (ed)  Socialising  Intelligence  through  Academic  Talk  and  Dialogue,  Washington,  DC:  American  Educational  Research   Association.  Through  Academic  Talk  and  Dialogue,  Washington,  AERA,  pp  413-­‐423.   Multimedia  materials   Alexander  R.J.  with  Lewis,  J.,  MacBeath,  J.,  Tite,  S.,  Wolfe,  S.,  (2004)  Talking  to  Learn  (CD  forming  part  of  the  pack   Learning-­‐Centred  Leadership),  Nottingham:  National  College  for  School  Leadership.   Alexander,   R.J.,   with   North   Yorkshire   County   Council   (2006)   Talk   for   Learning:   teaching   and   learning   through   dialogue  (CD/DVD  pack  with  24  lesson  extracts  and  accompanying  texts).     Dialogue  and  the  Cambridge  Primary  Review   The  Cambridge  Primary  Review  (supported  by  Esmée  Fairbairn  Foundation)  makes  dialogue,  pupil  voice  and  the   empowerment   of   both  ......

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...proda`ba i direktnata i interaktivna promocija. Vo natamo{niot tekst gi analizirame specifikite na ovie elementi od aspekt na promocijata na finansiskite (bankarskite) uslugi. III. Ekonomska propaganda Ekonomskata propaganda pretstavuva najzna~aen element na promotivniot marketing miks. Spored po{iroka definicija ekonomskata propaganda e sekoja forma na depersonalna prezentacija i promocija na idei, stoki ili uslugi od strana na identifikuvan sponzor.[3] Generalno, postojat dva vida na EP, spored svojata naso~enost, i toa: 1. Produktna naso~enost, i 2. Institucionalna naso~enost. Produktnata naso~enost se odnesuva na konkreten finansiski proizvod, dodeka institucionalnata naso~enost se odnesuva na op{tite atributi na organizacijata. Celi  na Ekonomskata propaganda Postojat ~etiri generalni celi na EP za sekoja finansiska  institucija, a toa se: 1. Da se stimulira  zgolemuvaweto na svesta (soznanieto) i koristeweto na profitabilni proizvodi  i uslugi; 2. Da se dostigne stabilna klient  baza preku privlekuvawe i stabilen priliv na novi klienti, vklu~uvaj}i mali biznisi, korporacii od site veli~ini i individui; 3. Da se unapredi pozitivnoto reagirawe na javnosta za pra{awa koi se odnesuvaat na institucijata; 4. Da se kreira psiholo{ka preferencija za institucijata i uslugite koi gi nudi. Pokraj ovie strate{ki celi, finansiska institucija mora da si postavi i soodvetni specifi~ni celi. Tie mo`at da......

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...more-radical student association, the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (formerly known as the CASSEE) had also considered a strike.[17] Charest won a minority government in the election, and held onto his own seat. On election night, early numbers had showed Charest losing his seat of Sherbrooke to his PQ opponent; however, this situation was reversed once it became apparent that the advanced poll ballot boxes which heavily favoured Charest had not yet been counted.[18] The resulting minority government was the first since 1878 when Charles Boucher de Boucherville was Premier. 2008 Quebec election Main article: Quebec general election, 2008 Jean Charest and his wife, Michèle Dionne, at the Festival Western de Saint-Tite in Saint-Tite, Quebec on September 7, 2008. In November 2008, arguing that Quebecers needed a majority government during difficult economic times, Charest called a snap election for December 8. His party captured a majority of seats in the election. 2012 student protests Main article: 2012 Quebec student protests In 2012, the Charest government faced major challenges when students protested and went on strike by boycotting classes to protest planned tuition increases. After this continued for several months, the government passed Bill 78 to impose restrictions on protests; this caused controversy, with the Barreau du Québec among others expressing concern about possible infringement of constitutional rights. Status of......

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...According to Foreman (2008), ‘’ Kiam first company was, Benrus watchmakers which later became a luxury accessories. After eight years, he started the Friendship Collection, an American importer of jewellery, antiques and other artefacts from China. Kiam managed to acquire Remington for only $500,000; ten years later the annual profits were £350 million and as the profits of Remington soared, Kiam, the sole shareholder, diversified into clothes and jewellery. In 1989 he acquired the New England Patriots American Football team for $80 million’’. Now that we have an understanding of whom Victor Kiam was and what type of entrepreneur he was, let move to his basic principles. Tite (2011) reported that, Kiam basic principles were: Truth, Honesty and Transparency. Throughout his career, Kiam delivered on all three. Tite (2011) argued that’’ Kiam wasn’t just a spokesperson. He was the owner. He stood behind his products and his claims (“Shaves as close as a blade or your money back”) and people believed him ‘’. ‘’ You can only govern men by serving them. The rule is without exception’’ Victor Kiam. Zlattef (2009) argued that, Victor Kiam believed that in order to be successful in business and in life, one have to help other. ‘’Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward’’. Victor Kiam In my opinion Victor Kiam was a good entrepreneur giving the fact that he was able to turn the fate of Remington Company around. By buying that company at the lowest point......

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