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Biblical and Reality in my Life

The importance of proverbs, parenting and today’s sermon all have about the same importance to life. Parenting you want to do what you need to do to help that child to succeed in life, proverbs talks about how we should walk in the fear of god to help gain inner peace and today’s sermon says to put all your worries and troubles on god and he will take care of them. Proverbs is trying to tell and teach us how to gain a relationship with god, to stay on the right path if on the path of righteousness and if on the wrong the path, to encourage you to get on the way of rightness. Proverbs also talks about the different faults that we get ourselves or others into. It also says how it’s easy to do something wrong but it’s hard to crawl out of that hole that you have put yourself in as my dad would say it. When you become a parent you have to except that you have to become mature even if you’re not ready. A real parent is someone who wants to be there when you succeed or fail. They will also encourage you, love you unconditionally, and believe in you. The parent or parents doesn’t have to be your biological parents, they can be your grandparents, aunts, uncles, strangers or even the government. In today’s sermon, the preacher talked about how worries are a silent but deadly sin. The preacher said that we put our self worries before god and let worry take over. He also said that we try to carry our troubles upon ourselves and so we should let god take care of them for us. All of them correlate with my life because when I was living with my mom, my grandparents and my aunt were the ones who took care of me and were my parents. Proverbs and today’s sermon can compare to my life because I’ve always worried about things that I couldn’t change and sometimes I even blame myself for things that have went badly. I feel as though…...

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