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This Tournament Goes to Eleven

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This Tournament Goes to Eleven 2007
This Packet Has Gone to the Dogs (theme packet)
Written by: Delaware (Bill Tressler)

Every question will mention a dog somewhere, but answers need not be specifically a dog's name or breed. Tossups 1. One character by this name was a son of Zeus and Niobe who succeeded Apis as king of Phoronea. Another had the labors of freeing Arcadia and killing Satyr, while a third is seen "lying neglected on the heaps of mule and cow dung" and could not get up to greet those entering. After one of those figures was slain his 100 most famous attributes were placed on the tails of peacocks, as Hera had previously entrusted him to watch Io with his many eyes. The brother of Cerberus and the dog of Odysseus share, For 10 points, what namesake with the builder of Jason's ship?
ANSWER: Argos or Argus

2. The First Battle of Acentejo occurred here in 1494 and was a setback for Fernández de Lugo's attempts at colonization, which were begun when the 1474 Treaty of Alcáçova had ceded this place to Isabel of Castile. Antonio de Viana wrote an epic ode to the aboriginal natives of this place, and one of his works provides the name of Mount Teide, which is the highest point in its entire country. Secondary landmasses here include * Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gomera, and La Palma, while its largest component is named Tenerife. Their name is in fact derived from a fierce breed of dogs known as the Presa, and not from their famous yellow avians. For 10 points, name these Atlantic islands located west of Morocco.
ANSWER: Canary Islands (or) Islas Canarias (prompt on "Tenerife" before *) 3. A 2003 Timothy Pennings paper asked "Do Dogs Know" this. The Umbral type is the study of Shaffer sequences, while Mallivin is an infinite-dimensional one on the Wiener space and is also called the "stochastic one of variations". Church and Kleene developed a formal logic known as the lambda one. In old literature it was known as infinitesimal analysis, due to the presence of quantities getting very small. For 10 points, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Sir Isaac Newton independently developed what branch of mathematics that utilizes limits, derivatives, and integrals?
ANSWER: calculus [the dog was very close to minimizing his travel time on most trials]

4. This individual wrote the 1922 work "Investigations of a Dog", about the day-to-day life of a canine. Groups of twenty workers are assembled to construct sections and children are taught to make miniatures with pebbles in his work The Great Wall of China. Another of his stories concludes with a large needle going through a character's forehead and has characters called The Traveler, The Solider, The Inscriber, and The Condemned. The latter endures a torture device that carves into the skin of prisoners before they die. In the Penal Colony was written by, For 10 points, what author of Amerika, The Trial, and The Metamorphosis.
ANSWER: Franz Kafka

5. He composed the lines "Youth will have needs dalliance / Of good or ill some pastance" in the song "Pastime with Good Company", and railed against Martin Luther in the treatise Assertio Septem Sacramentorum. In a skirmish sometimes called the Battle of Branxton, his forces defeated and killed Scotland's James IV. The five wounds was the emblem of an insurrection against him known as the Pilgrimage of Grace. A dog named Urian may have caused him more trouble by biting Pope Clement VII on a 1525 trip to Rome by Cardinal Wolsey, who returned to England without an annulment to his sonless marriage with an Aragonese princess. For 10 points, name this Tudor king of England famed for his six wives.
ANSWER: Henry VIII Tudor

6. The narrator discusses Jospeh Addison's advice that readers will be more interested in what the author wears than what he thinks, while the title comes from a Robert Louis Stevenson work about a Donkey in the Cévennes. The narrative begins on September 23 in Sag Harbor, from whence the protagonist goes north to see his sons at the Eaglebrook School in Massachusetts. Following the northern border, he then journeys to Salinas Valley and the Deep South for a total of about ten thousand miles. Subtitled "In Search of America", For 10 points, name this work in which the namesake poodle is accompanied by John Steinbeck.
ANSWER: Travels with Charlie

7. A 2006 film by this title includes the characters Vaguely Hot Old Chick, Insufferable Prick, and Poseur, and features Keira Leverton administering some deserved smack downs. In a 1995 Connie Chung interview, Newt Gingrich was politically embarrassed after his mother used this word during a Hilary Clinton question. Big Fat and Super King Kamehameha are the kinds that Sheila Broflovski demonstrates in a song by Eric Cartman. For 10 points, name this term whose definitions include "an unpleasant person" and "a female dog".
ANSWER: bitch

8. Alcatel-Lucent historically describes it as "of unusual simplicity, power, and elegance", a manta repeated by devotees. Some say a dog living near U.C. Berkley who barked when the mail arrived provided the inspiration for its mail notification known as biff. A Y2K-like problem will occur for those using its "time", which measures nanoseconds since 1970. Other utilities include "tty" [T-T-Y], "pwd" [P-W-D] and "chmod" [C-H-"mod"], used to change permissions. Its name originally ended with a "c" but now uses "x". For 10 points--name this operating system developed by Ken Thompson at Bell Labs, the namesake of a family of systems including GNU, OpenSolaris, and Linux.

9. He calls himself a householder, a pretty piece of flesh, and an ass, dramatic effects written with the actor Will Kemp in mind. At one point, he suggests ignoring a crying child and allowing its noise to wake the night nurse. He lists the sixth crime of belying a lady before the third crime of verifying unjust things. When George Seacoal arrives, they hide and see the offer of a thousand ducats between Borachio and Conrade. His name refers to a bush or shrubbery. For 10 points, name this partner of Verges and chief of the Messina citizen police in Much Ado About Nothing.
ANSWER: Dogberry
10. His family tree doesn't quite branch as both father Arsames and mother Sisygambis were descended from Queen Parysatis and a namesake ruler. A military commander attempted to poison him but the administrator Bagoas was forced to drink it himself. A dog named Peritas foiled one of his elephants, and it is said that a dog stayed by his side after he was murdered by Bessus. He had to flee to Ecbatana after losing the battles of Issis and Gaugamela. For 10 points, name this final Achaemenid ruler of Persia who was repeatedly defeated by Alexander the Great, the third ruler of his name.
ANSWER: Darius III or Darius Codomannus (prompt on "Codomannus", prompt on "Darius" before end, accept "Darius" at end) 11. He was the first to use gold chloride to stain nerve tissues and did early research on cocaine's potential anesthetic use. His first published paper dealt with eels, and later he published Clinical Study on the Unilateral Cerebral Paralysis of Children. His dog Lun was initially quarantined by the British in 1938, while a Chow-Chow called Jo-Fi attended many of his sessions with patients such as Herbert Graf and Bertha Pappenheim. Sandor Ferenczi and Otto Rank were among the original followers of, For 10 points, what author of Moses and Monotheism, Beyond the Pleasure Principle, and The Interpretation of Dreams who founded psychoanalysis.
ANSWER: Sigmund Schlomo Freud

12. During this time, a pilgrimage of 33 Kannon was established that started and ended at so-called eleven-headed temples. A title meaning "tent government" was created for administrators. The warrior families loyal to Go-Toba rebelled against one of its rulers, and after quashing the insurgency it created the Joei code. Dogs were allowed to satisfy taxation obligation under its final (*) Shogun- Hojo Takatok. After the bakufu and the Hojo family's downfall, the Emperor Go-Daigo attempted to reestablish control in the Kemmu restoration. For 10 points, name this Japanese shogunate that lasted from 1185 to 1333, preceded by the Heian period and followed by the Ashikaga shogunate.
ANSWER: Kamakura shogunate (or) Kamakura period

13. In the final section Suleiman-bin-Daoud is married to a thousand wives who continually fight, but learns from a diminutive creature to put his foot down even if it will barely bend grass. Parts are addressed to Best Beloved, as the author's daughter Josephine died of influenza in 1899. In another part, the Yellow Dingo Dog is sent by the god Nqa to chase after a kangaroo with four legs. Including the sections The Beginning of the Armadilloes, How the Alphabet was Made, The Butterfly that Stamped, and How the Leopard got his Spots, For 10 points, identify this collection of children's stories by Rudyard Kipling.
ANSWER: Just So Stories for Little Children

14. This location is a primary setting of a Roberta Angeletti work subtitled A Journey Through Time, and was a leading inspiration for artist Alfred Levitt. A 2001 outbreak here of Pseudomonas fluorescens bacteria and Fusarium fungus has caused a significant sanitation effort. Sections of it are named for Bulls and Felines, as well as the Lateral Passage and the Shaft of the Dead Man. In September 1940 a local dog named Robot went missing, leading to its discovery by his master Marcel Ravidat. Believed to date from the Aurignacian period, this site near Montignac features nearly two thousand images of things such as stags and aurochs. For 10 points, identify this French cave.
ANSWER: Lascaux caves

15. A plaintiff who had previously sued Skittles Candy and the Magna Carta also sued this man for sixty three quintillion dollars for hurting the plaintiff's feelings. In October 2007 the Royal Bank of Canada sued him for $2.3 million to prevent real estate defaults, and an Indiana bank sought repayment of loans for rental cars. In 2005, Sonya Elliot sued him, claiming he gave her genital herpes and used the alias Ron Mexico in treatment. The cover athlete for Madden 2004, he is a second cousin of Aaron Brooks. For 10 points, name this founder of Bad Newz Kennels and current resident of Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, Virginia, a former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.
ANSWER: Michael Vick 16. The final chapter of this biblical book, in a warning against idol worship, states "he that sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off a dog's neck...delighteth in their abominations". It is known that its author was the son of Amoz, and that he was a contemporary of Amos. The book's seventh chapter discusses foreign threats against King Ahaz of Judah, while its 66 chapters repeatedly discuss Hezekiah's fateful alliance with Egypt. "They will beat their swords into plowshares" is a famous verse from, For 10 points, what longest prophetic book of the Old Testament that traditionally appears between Second Kings and Jeremiah.
ANSWER: Isaiah

17. One version of it, denoted SWS, focuses on fluorine, while a total version of it uses solutions with low strength. IUPAC uses, as a reference point, an aqueous solution of potassium hydrogen penthalate at a molality of 0.05, and then defines it in terms of the Faraday constant, molar gas constant, and the natural log. It was proposed after work at Carlsberg Laboratory via studies into the effect of ion concentration on proteins, and in the original paper this "ion exponent" was denoted with a subscript by its developer S. P. L . Sorenson. In their blood, dogs maintain a value for this between 7.32 and 7.42. For 10 points, name this scale that measures acidity.
18. One of his characters is described as having "A mind at peace with all below, / A heart whose love is innocent", which he wrote about after seeing Anne Wilmot Horton in mourning clothes. Another work describes Courage without Ferocity and Strength without Insolence, and is inscribed on the tomb of a Newfoundland Dog at (*) Newstead Abbey. After being ridiculed for Hours of Idleness, in 1809 he took a seat in Parliament and later started Child Harolde's Pilgrimage. For 10 points, name this father of Ada Lovelace and author of Don Juan.
ANSWER: George Gordon Byron (or) Lord Byron

19. Its not anthrax, but its toxin is a sequence of 535 amino acids, consisting of two polypeptide chains joined by a disulfide bond. In rare cases it can infect the eye, and the cutaneous type involves lesions on the skin. It was once known as the "strangling angel of children", as breathing is difficult when its hallmark sign develops- a thick, gray covering in the back of the throat. The dogs Togo and Balto were among those who traveled eleven hundred miles to deliver medicine after an 1925 outbreak of it in Nome, a trek that the Iditarod commemorates. For 10 points, name this disease that is treated along with Pertussis and Tetanus in the DPT vaccine.
ANSWER: Diphtheria

20. A rap song by M.I.A. using this word as its title says "I took my eye off the ball" and "now I'm hitting the 6". In You Don't Know Jack, this type of question involves buzzing in when the parts of a five-letter answer light up. One character by this name appears on Cracker Jack boxes, while Scrabble players use this term to refer to using all seven tiles in one play. With 100 players, a standard game of this will take about fifteen turns, but non-standard versions allow the big and little diamonds, crazy "V", and the postage stamp. For 10 points, name this word that also refers to the "name-O" of a dog owned by a farmer in a children's song.
ANSWER: bingo 21. Their creator also wrote an opera about a New Jersey mosquito epidemic, and created similar scenes depicting an argument in court and a tea dance. One shows seven individuals in front of a clock at 1:10 and a painting of sailboats, while in the bottom center a gift is passed from right to left. In February 2005, two of the paintings were sold by the New York Doyle house for $590,400. Desired by the Minnesota Brown & Bigelow company to sell cigars, entries include Stranger in Camp, Ten Miles to a Garage, The Reunion, Sitting up with a Sick Friend , A Friend in Need, and Pinched with Four Aces. For 10 points, name this set of sixteen paintings by C. M. Coolidge that feature canines gambling.
ANSWER: Dogs Playing Poker

Bonuses 1. The Egyptians based their calendar on its rising, which occurred just before the Nile's flooding and Summer Solstice. For 10 points each:
[10] What is this brightest star in the night sky, part of Canis Major and known as the "Dog Star"?
ANSWER: Sirius or Alpha Canis Majoris
[10] The three stars Sirius, Procyon, and Betelgeuse together constitute what asterism of the northern hemisphere?
ANSWER: the Winter Triangle (do not accept "Winter Circle" or "Winter Hexagon")
[10] This German astronomer first deduced that Sirius was a binary star system. He was also a mathematician who generalized Daniel Bernoulli's solutions to certain second-degree differential equations, producing the functions "of the first kind" that now bear his name.
ANSWER: Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel

2. Its first chapter is called "The Trail of the Meat", where a wolf pack lures sled dogs away from Bill and Henry. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this work in which a wolf-dog hybrid explores the Yukon territory.
ANSWER: White Fang
[10] Jack London's White Fang is set during this gold rush of 1898, which began when the Skookum party discovered alluvial deposits in the Bonanza Creek tributary of its namesake river.
ANSWER: Klondike Gold Rush
[10] This character from White Fang, a wolf said to be "grizzled and marked with the scars of many battles" watches as a lynx attacks a porcupine but withdraws after tasting quills. He is later killed by the lynx while hunting.
ANSWER: One Eye 3. It is joined with the island of Newfoundland in the name of one of Canada's ten provinces. For 10 points each--
[10] Identify this Canadian peninsula that borders Quebec and shares its name with a breed of retrievers.
ANSWER: Labrador Peninsula
[10] Labrador is separated from Newfoundland by this narrow strait, which is named for a small island. Like the Cabot Strait, it connects the Atlantic with the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
ANSWER: Strait of Belle Isle
[10] Labrador's retrievers were originally named for this provincial capital on the Avalon Peninsula, the easternmost city in North America.
ANSWER: Saint John's (do not accept "Saint John") 4. Nick Abadzis has written a fictionalized account of her, in which she survives a negligent master and becomes a stray on the Moscow streets. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this first living organism launched into space.
[10] Laika was sent into space on this Soviet spacecraft in November 1957.
ANSWER: Sputnik II (prompt on "Sputnik")
[10] Sputnik II had a value of 132 miles for this quantity, the point in its orbit closest to the center of gravitational attraction.
ANSWER: periapsis (or) perigee (prompt on "apsis") 5. Name these various dogs in television shows, for 10 points each:
[10] On Star Trek: Enterprise, Captain Jonathan Archer owned this beagle, whose litter also included Athos, Aramis and d'Artagnan.
ANSWER: Porthos
[10] This Yellow Labrador retriever is Walt's dog on Lost. The writers use his disappearances as a way to force characters in to the jungle to look for him.
ANSWER: Vincent
[10] This Labrador retriever was seen at the end of Family Ties episodes where he was told to sit. His namesake company also produced Spin City, and he shares his name with the title character of three plays by Alfred Jarry.

6. It discusses six-year-old Tricia and two houses that the speaker owns, worth a total of about fifty five thousand dollars. For 10 points each:
[10] What was this political discourse, named for a gift, that includes "I just want to say this, right now, that regardless of what they say about it, we're gonna keep it."
ANSWER: Checkers speech (accept equivalents)
[10] The Checkers speech was delivered in September, 1952 by this Vice Presidential candidate, who ironically used the word "crook" to describes those he wanted to drive out of Washington.
ANSWER: Richard M(ilhous) Nixon
[10] In the speech Nixon mentions this Illinois governor who defeated Dwight Green in 1948. His writings include What I Think, Looking Outward: Years of Crisis at the United Nations, and Friends and Enemies: What I Learned in Russia.
ANSWER: Adlai E(wing) Stevenson II

7. His secondary compositions include Chip and His Dog. For 10 points each:
[10] Itdentify this Italian-American composer, whose other works include The Telephone, The Medium, The Boy Who Grew Too Fast, and The Consul.
ANSWER: Gian Carlo Menotti
[10] Menotti's best known work is probably this 1951 opera, notable as the first opera specifically composed for televesion in the United States
ANSWER: Amahl and the Night Visitors
[10] After being visited by the Three Wise Men on Christmas Eve, the titular child of Amahl and the Night Visitors decides to offer this possession to the newborn Christ.
ANSWER: his crutch (accept near equivalents) 8. They include "The Dog and the Shadow", "The Ass and the Lapdog", and "The Dog in the Manger". For 10 points each--
[10] Identify this collection of moral tales by a slave from Thrace.
ANSWER: Aesop's Fables (or) Aesopica (accept close equivalents, prompt on partial answer)
[10] "I am sure they are sour" concludes the title creature in this fable, who tries to quench his thirst but is unable to reach the desired objects hanging from a branch.
ANSWER: "The Fox and the Grapes"
[10] This other Thracian slave greatly expanded upon Aesop's Fables around 55 A.D.. He shares his name with a Platonic dialgoue in which the soul is famously compared to a charioteer driving two horses.
ANSWER: Caius Iulis Phaedrus

9. His award was "in recognition of his work on the physiology of digestion, through which knowledge on vital aspects of the subject has been transformed and enlarged". For 10 points each:
[10] Who was this Russian scientist, awarded the 1904 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine?
ANSWER: Ivan Petrovich Pavlov
[10] This is the term applied to the type of learning first demonstrated by Pavlov. In this paradigm, a stimulus directly brings about a reflexive response.
ANSWER: classical conditioning (or) respondent conditioning (prompt on "conditioning" or "Pavlovian conditioning")
[10] Pavlov's leading contemporary in the field of animal behavior and learning was this American, who developed the Law of Effect as part of his theory of Connectionism.
ANSWER: Edward Lee Thorndike 10. For 10 points each, name these fans of Jack the Bulldog, mascot of the Georgetown Hoyas.
[10] This player arrived at Georgetown via Bethel High School. Currently with the Denver Nuggets, he was the 1997 Rookie of the Year while still in Philadelphia.
ANSWER: Allen Iverson (or) A.I.
[10] One of the leading rebounders in school history, he was NFL commissioner from 1989 to 2006.
ANSWER: Paul Tagliabue
[10] This Georgetown alum was unable to get a National League team to come to New York, so this lawyer threatened to create a Continental League. He is now the namesake of a certain National League ballpark.
ANSWER: William Shea

11. This pass in the Western Valais Alps was used in ancient times, and a hospice built there in 1049 is named for a holy man from Menthon. For 10 points each:
[10] What is this mountain pass, now known for the dogs bred there to withstand the conditions?
ANSWER: Great Saint Bernard Pass
[10] Saint Bernard of Menthon was a member of this religious order that was founded in the sixth century. Its Rule is a text of 73 chapters, whose 59th rule is a now-politically unfortunate policy of allowing boys to join the monastery.
ANSWER: Benedictines (or) Order of Saint Benedict
[10] This pope confirmed Bernard as the patron saint of the Alps. Serving from 1922 to 1939, he oversaw the singing of the 1929 Lateran Treaties with Benito Mussolini.
ANSWER: Pius XI (or) Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti (prompt on "Pius")

12. The ancient Codex of Eshnunna fined owners of dogs with this disease. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this disease caused by a Lyssavirus, a vaccine for which was developed by Louis Pasteur.
ANSWER: rabies
[10] Rabies causes this acute inflammation of the brain in mammals. Varieties are named Japanese, St. Louis, Rasmussen's, and Equine.
ANSWER: encephalitis
[10] Louis Pasteur worked on his rabies vaccine with this French immunologist, and his dissertation Des Nouvelles Acquisitions sur la Rage described their collaborative work.
ANSWER: (Pierre Paul) Emile Roux

13. One of them said, "I am called a dog because I fawn on those who give me anything, I yelp at those who refuse, and I sink my teeth in rascals". For 10 points each:
[10] What is this ancient philosophical school whose name means "doglike" and has come to mean anyone who takes the lowest possible opinion of others' motivation?
ANSWER: cynics or cynicism
[10] What most famous cynic authored that quotation, a man from Sinope who walked with a light looking for an honest man?
ANSWER: Diogenes of Sinope
[10] This other cynic was the teacher of Stoicism founder Zeno of Citium as well as the husband of Hipparchia. The only thing we know about his writing is that his style was similar to Plato and that he wrote short poems collected as Games.
ANSWER: Crates of Thebes

14. The title character tears out the throat of Hugo for his treatment of a fair maiden. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this work, in which Jack Stapleton coats a creature with phosphorus in an attempt to inherit an estate.
ANSWER: The Hound of the Baskervilles
[10] This Brit authored The Hound of the Baskervilles as well as a ton of other works about Sherlock Holmes.
ANSWER: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
[10] While Sherlock Holmes hides on the Moor to secretly observe, Dr. Watson is assisted by this Scotland Yard detective who also appears in "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons" and "The Boscombe Valley Mystery".
ANSWER: Inspector G. Lestrade (le-STROD and le-STRAYDE are both acceptable pronunciations) 15. Imagine a Java class hierarchy in which other files implement Dog. For 10 points each:
[10] Dog could be declared as one of these completely abstract types which subclasses implement. In these files, all variables must be declared as static and final, and only method signatures appear. They are the only way to accomplish multiple inheritance in Java.
ANSWER: interface
[10] One common interface is this one, in which this object returns 1, 0, or -1 according to a rule by which it could be sorted.
ANSWER: Comparable
[10] Imagine an array of Dog references, each of which has a bark() method. With a name meaning "many forms", this is the ability of Java to iterate through the array and choose the various bark() methods from different classes, having the parent class unaware of the subclass differences.
ANSWER: polymorphism

16. Name these people who have dog breeds named after them, for 10 points each:
[10] This restoration king kept namesake spaniels in his household. After the fall of Richard Cromwell, he was crowned in 1661.
ANSWER: Charles II Stuart (prompt of "Charles" or "Charles Stuart")
[10] This explorer lends his name to a river husky. An Outer Hebrides native, he called a body of water "Disappointment River" because it did not lead to a northwest passage. He also founded Fort Chipewyan on Lake Athabasca in 1788.
ANSWER: Alexander MacKenzie
[10] A founding member of the England Kennel club, this parson is said to have purchased a small white and tan dog from the milk man while finishing his Oxford Divinity Studies in 1795. That dog's name was Trump.
ANSWER: Rev. John Russell (or) Jack Russell

17. He owns a dog called Tiger, while his adventures include times on ships called Ariel, Grampus, and Jane Guy. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this character from Nantucket whose best friend is Augustus Barnard. He concludes his adventures by studying Penguins around the Cape of Good Hope.
ANSWER: (The Narrative of) Arthur Gordon Pym (accept either underlined name)
[10] The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym is the only novel by what American author of short-stories such as The Gold Bug and The Purloined Letter?
ANSWER: Edgar Allen Poe
[10] What French author wrote a sequel to Pym's adventures entitled The Sphinx of the Ice Fields in 1897?
ANSWER: Jules Gabriel Verne

18. Pencil and paper may be useful. Consider a dog population in which 75% of alleles are Type I, 15% are Type II, and 10% are Type III. For 10 points each:
[10] What set of algebraic formulas, named for a British mathematician and German physician, say that the proportions of the various genotypes will stabilize?
ANSWER: Hardy-Weinberg Principle (or) Hardy-Weinberg Rule
[10] According to the generalized Hardy-Weinberg Rules, what proportion of the dog population will have one allele of Type II and one copy of Type III?
ANSWER: 3% or 0.03 [2 times 15% times 10%]
[10] Hardy was introduced to the problem by this British geneticist whose works include Mendelism, Mimicry in Butterflies, and As a Biologist Sees It. He is best known as the creator of a grid that displays all possible allele combinations.
ANSWER: Reginald Crundall Punnett

19. In this trilogy, a sheepdog named Einstein warns Doc Brown that the Libyan terrorists he obtained plutonium from have returned with guns. For 10 points each:
[10] What is this trilogy whose Hill Valley, California locales include Twin Pines Mall, the Essex Theater, and a courthouse with a broken clock?
ANSWER: Back to the Future
[10] In the first Back to the Future film, Marty times his approach of the wire attached to the clock tower for what specific time when the lightning is destined to strike?
ANSWER: 10:04 pm
[10] That clock first started running in this year, which provided much of the setting of Back to the Future Part III and which was precisely one-century earlier than the "present" of the entire trilogy.
ANSWER: 1885 20. This coalition was formed in 1994 to solidify moderate to conservative Democratic House members. For 10 points each--
[10] Name this coalition whose newest members are sometimes called "Pups". It originally met in the offices of Louisiana delegates Billy Tauzin and Jimmy Hayes.
ANSWER: Blue Dog Coalition
[10] The Blue Dog Coalition is named for the eponymous painting by this Cajun artist, whose work has appeared in Xerox and Absolut Vodka advertisements.
ANSWER: George Rodrigue
[10] One former member of the Blue Dogs was this congressman, whose poorly-timed relationship with aide Chandra Levy exploded into scandal when she went missing in 2001.
ANSWER: Gary Condit

21. Answer these questions about dogs with multiple heads, for 10 points each:
[10] In Greek mythology, this three-headed dog guarded the entrance to Hades. Orpheus charmed it with a lyre while Psyche pacified him with a honey cake.
ANSWER: Cerberus (*) Kerberos
[10] This Soviet scientist created a two-headed dog in 1954 by taking an adult German Shepard and grafting the head, shoulders, and front legs of a puppy onto its back. He first did a dog heart transplant in 1946.
ANSWER: Vladimir Demikhov
[10] Hagrid places this three-headed dog to guard the trapdoor that leads to the hiding place of the Sorcerer's Stone. The dog falls asleep to music.
ANSWER: Fluffy…...

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...literature Pro.Burger ABORTION-PRO-CHOICE ESSAY As American’s and women we have the right to freedom and independence, with that concept, I believe that our government needs to trust that women have the capability to choose what is best for their future. Our society should respect women’s independence and grant them the freedom to decide what is right. This issue is important to me because history has shown that restricting abortions, not only undermines women, but can also be very dangerous.       I believe that a woman should be able to abort under reasonable circumstance and during a certain time. A woman has a right to choose, No one should not be able to control what a woman does with her body. By granting women the right to choose, this does not permit her to kill, but to decide what is best for all persons involved. Many situations show that abortion may be the best for the parents and the unborn child. Situations such as rape or incest prove that it is not the woman’s fault and not fair to the mother or the unborn child to pay for it. There are other situations such as if the mother carries a disease it can be passed on, or if the parents are unfit to raise a family at the time. Any case however, should be between the two individuals involved and not the......

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...Case Study 7-Eleven, Inc. Complete Lifecycle Management, Secure Access to Critical Information, and Improvements in Productivity 7-Eleven is the world’s largest convenience retail chain — operating, franchising and licensing more than 7,000 stores in the United States and Canada. One of the challenges facing 7-Eleven was their inability to provide store operators, franchisees, store managers, as well as corporate employees with timely access to the critical business information — financial, inventory, gas, payroll, human resources, and more— required to effectively operate their business. 7-Eleven needed to provide this important business content securely, accurately, timely and most of all affordably from both inside and outside 7-Eleven. With the Systemware solution, critical information is stored, managed and always available without any boundaries. So not only did 7-Eleven store managers as well as corporate users gain secure access to critical business information, but they also now have a flexible tool to create custom reports allowing them to address specific business needs and reporting requirements. Today, 7-Eleven no longer prints and mails reporting information to their locations resulting in the ability to make better business decisions, realize significant cost savings, and an increase in productivity. The Challenge • • Their old COBOL-based system had very limited storage capabilities as well as required labor intensive processes to change and add reports...

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7 Eleven

...7-ELEVEN HOW TO TRUN THE SITUATION AROUND In April, 2011. Allen Zhang, the 7-eleven’s Chief Operator of Eastern Market in China, was standing in front of the window of his office. He was called into deep thought by the dilemma facing the company. On the video conferencing just held, headquarter in Taiwan was very dissatisfied with the poor performance of the branch office in Shanghai, which runs counter to its expectations. Allen looked at the crowded street. He found that the only 7-eleven convenience store on the street was besieged by two FamilyMart stores that were filled with customers. He couldn’t help wondering: What’s wrong with the company’s strategy that was so successful in such overseas markets as Japan, Taiwan, and US, but failed the competition in Shanghai? What contributes to the competitor’s success? Is it because the voluntary chain style that FmailyMart adopts is superior than the regular chain style that 7-eleven adopts in Shanghai? If 7-eleven were to open its market by changing the regular chain style to voluntary chain style, would it turn the situation around or would it evoke new problems? Obsessed with all of these questions, Allen realized that it is time for some changes for the company to achieve its initial goals and as the big market share as possible in this promising market. CONTEXT THE CVS (CONVENIENT STORE) INDUSTRY The prosperity of the convenient stores is because supermarkets are almost all of large scales and in the......

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...With so many beverages and fresh food options at 7-Eleven stores, it's a wonder how 7-Eleven can keep up with it all. That is why we have gathered these fun facts because seeing is believing. 7-Eleven, Inc. 7-Eleven, Inc. is the world’s largest convenience store chain with more than 50,900 stores in 16 countries, of which nearly 10,200 are in North America, and the company has more outlets than any other retailer or food service provider. July 11 (7/11) is the official birthday of the 7-Eleven® convenience store chain. The company celebrates its 86th birthday this year. In 1927, convenience retailing began simply enough when an employee of Southland Ice Company in Dallas started selling milk, eggs and bread from the ice dock. Soon, the convenience store was born and became known as 7-Eleven to reflect the 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. hours of operation. For more than 15 years, 7-Eleven has been listed among Hispanic Magazine’s Corporate 100, the top companies providing the most opportunities to Hispanics. 7-Eleven adds another store to its worldwide operations every 2 hours. Industry Firsts 7-Eleven was the first to … operate 24 hours a day … sell fresh-brewed coffee in to-go cups ... have a self-serve soda fountain … and offer super-size fountain drinks. 7-Eleven aired the first television advertising by any convenience store; the animated commercial featuring a singing owl and rooster ran in 1949. 7-Eleven was the first retailer to offer fresh-brewed coffee in to-go......

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7 Eleven

...Introduction: The first 7-Eleven opened in 1927, when an employee in a small ice store began offering milk, bread, and eggs on Sundays and evenings when other grocery stores were closed. This idea of a convenience store that was open when other stores were not carried over through more than eight decades and remains one of the only convenience stores to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 7-Eleven began franchising in 1964, creating a system that has supported local business owners all over the United States. Today, a new 7-Eleven store opens somewhere on the planet approximately every three and a half hours; the global reach of 7-Eleven totals to over 45,000 stores in 16 countries. 7-Eleven is currently ranked #4 in the Top 10 Franchises for 2013 by Entrepreneur Magazine. It is also ranked #2 in the Top 20 Franchises for money by Forbes Magazine; #2 by AllBusiness on AllBusiness's Top 5 Franchises for 2012. This franchise is known as a neighborhood business that is responsive to local community needs- it provides convenience late at night and on the weekends that were not previously available. 7-Eleven particularly takes pride in being the only food retailer in the Top 100 Military-Friendly Employers list in G.I. Jobs Magazine for 20120. 7-Eleven's franchise fee is $70K, and total investment ranges from $65K to $227K. Financing is also available through an internal financing program that can provide up to 65% financing on the initial franchise fee. 7-Eleven......

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Eleven Files

... SPEAK ENGLISH LIKE AN AMERICAN YOU ALREADY SPEAK ENGLISH... NOW SPEAK IT EVEN BETTER! DELUXE BOOK & CD SET A M Y GILLETT Copyright © 2004 by Language Success Press All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the publisher. First Edition ISBN 0-9725300-3-7 Library of Congress Control Number: 2004102958 Visit our website: Bulk discounts are available. For information, please contact: Language Success Press 2232 S. Main Street #345 Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA E-mail: Fax: (303) 484-2004 (USA) Printed in the United States of America The author is very grateful to the following people for their collaboration and advice while preparing this book and CD set: Vijay Banta, Jacqueline Gillett, Thomas Gillett, Marcy Carreras, John McDermott, Natasha McDermott, Cat McGrath, Patrick O'Connell. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Amy Gillett has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in Stamford, Connecticut and in Prague, Czech Republic. Her essays and humor writing have appeared in many publications, including MAD Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Family Circle. Amy majored in Slavic Languages and Literature at Stanford University and holds a Master's degree from Stanford in Russian and Eastern European Studies. Amy has studied and worked abroad in many......

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Seven Eleven

...7-Eleven in Taiwan Yuko Matsumuro National Chengchi University Abstract Nowadays, convenience stores have become more and more common in Taiwan. If you just look around everywhere, you will soon find there are a lot of convenience stores surrounding your town. Among several convenience store chains, 7-Eleven, or the President Chain Store Corporation, is the most popular one now. The paper focuses on why 7-Eleven is so successful in Taiwan and pursuits what is behind it. At the beginning, to understand the position of 7-Eleven’s parent company Uni-President Enterprise Corporation (UPEC) in Taiwan, and investigate how it influence the success of 7-Eleven. Also, based on the data which showed the consumers’ satisfaction towards 7-Eleven’s service, to consider how 7-Eleven’s service performances are evaluated by consumers and what kinds of management manuals they have. In last, the paper will discuss the influences of 7-Eleven’s special marketing geographical strategy and their advertisement effects on consumers. These information will help us know why 7-Eleven can continue to improve. Why 7-Eleven succeed in Taiwan? Introduction According to the article “Taiwan Convenience Stores 2010”, “In 2009, Taiwan’s four major convenience store chains such as 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Hi-life, and OK operated a total of 9,184 stores around the country, a density of one store per 2,500 people, making Taiwan the densest market in the world in terms of convenience stores.” Among......

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As It Goes

...or client states," but rather occurs "almost exclusively in democratic or relatively democratic countries."2 The thesis is true, in fact true by definition, given the way the term "terrorism" is employed by the emperor and his loyal coterie. Since only acts committed by "their side" count as terrorism, it follows that the thesis is necessarily correct, whatever the facts. In the real world, the story is quite different. The major victims of international terrorism3 in the past several decades have been Cubans, Central Americans, and inhabitants of Lebanon, but none of this counts, by definition. When Israel bombs Palestinian refugee camps killing many civilians - often without even a pretense of "reprisal" - or sends its troops into Lebanese villages in "counterterror" operations where they murder and destroy, or hijacks ships and dispatches hundreds of hostages to prison camps under horrifying conditions, this is not "terrorism"; in fact, the rare voices of protest are thunderously condemned by loyal party liners for their "anti-Semitism" and "double standard," demonstrated by their failure to join the chorus of praise for "a country that cares for human life" (Washington Post), whose "high moral purpose" (Time) is the object of never-ending awe and acclaim, a country which, according to its admirers, "is held to a higher law, as interpreted for it by journalists" (Walter Goodman).4 Similarly, it is not terrorism when paramilitary forces operating from U.S. bases and trained...

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...access 24/7, 7-Eleven welcomes every customer to get their daily needs. We are providing groceries, snack foods, candies, instant foods, drinks, reading materials, and also services such as prepaid reload and ATM service where customers can fulfill their daily needs even though they don’t have time to shop. All of our 1,497 stores are open 24 hours everyday out of 7 days in a week to assure that customers can get anything they need anytime and anywhere. We create a simple and convenient as an adjustment toward people’s lifestyle, which is very mobile and active. With our motto, 7-Eleven will Always There For You. Company Description History Founded in 1927, 7-Eleven is known as The Southland Ice Company in Dallas, Texas whom the founder is J. C. Thompson. It was started as an ice vendor which eventually began offering milk, bread and eggs on Sundays and evenings when grocery stores were closed. The idea managed to satisfy the customer and also increased sales of the company. (7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., 2010) The first company’s convenient outlets were known as Tote’m stores which named since customers ‘toted’ away their purchases. It became 7-Eleven when the stores extended its business hours from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. and open seven days a week. The company’s corporate name was changed from The Southland Corporation to 7-Eleven, Inc. in 1999. (7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., 2010) Company’s Profile 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is the owner and operator of 7-Eleven stores......

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Seven Eleven

...Sunil Chopra TEACHING NOTE: SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN CO. The goal of this case is to illustrate how a firm can be successful by structuring its supply chain to support its supply chain strategy. Once Seven-Eleven Japan decided to provide responsiveness by rapid replenishment, it then structured its facilities, inventory, information, and distribution to support this choice. The case also brings up the question of whether the same approach can work in the United States, especially given the greater distances and lower store density. Questions 1. A CONVENIENCE STORE CHAIN ATTEMPTS TO BE RESPONSIVE AND PROVIDE CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY NEED, WHEN THEY NEED IT, WHERE THEY NEED IT. WHAT ARE SOME DIFFERENT WAYS THAT A CONVENIENCE STORE SUPPLY CHAIN CAN BE RESPONSIVE? WHAT ARE SOME RISKS IN EACH CASE? As responsiveness increases, the convenience store chain is exposed to greater uncertainty. A convenience store chain can improve responsiveness to this uncertainty using one of the following strategies, especially for fresh and fast foods: Local capacity: The convenience store chain can provide local cooking capacity at the stores and assemble foods almost on demand. Inventory would be stored as raw material. This is seen at the U.S. fast food restaurant franchise Subway where dinner and lunch sandwiches are assembled on demand. The main risk with this approach is that capacity is decentralized, leading to poorer utilization. Local inventory: Another approach is...

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Relative Performance Tournaments

...a relative performance tournament; staff members who perform relatively better than their peers will be rewarded with a prize; a raise and tenure in this case. Studies have shown that relative performance tournaments result in the participants exerting more effort, ultimately increasing productivity (Nalbantian & Schotter, 1997). Nevertheless, there are several detrimental factors to be considered. Relative Performance tournaments are costly and difficult to monitor. Furthermore, they can undermine work ethic and sabotage cooperation (Holmlund, 2009). Finally, faculty members could neglect important objectives of their job to focus on parts that would benefit their performance evaluation. Consequently, it is crucial to realize that while relative performance can increase productivity among junior faculty, its disadvantages can potentially undermine the university’s overall objectives. The key element of relative performance tournaments is that participants are evaluated “on the basis of their performance relative to their peers” (DeVaro, 2006, p. 5). Potentially receiving a raise and tenure dependent on their relative performance therefore enhances competitive behaviour as not all participants can win. Consequently, relatively better performance is incentivised. Müller and Schotter’s as well as Nalbantian and Schotter’s studies show that relative performance contract do increase productivity (Müller & Schotter, 2003)(Nalbantian & Schotter, 1997). This is beneficial to a......

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Seven Eleven

...Seven Eleven Case Study Questions 3, 4 and 6 Question 3 What has Seven Eleven done in its choice of facility location, inventory management, transportation and information infrastructure to develop capabilities to support its supply chain strategy in Japan? In order to support it’s supply chain strategy in Japan, Seven Eleven has developed a number of capabilities to ease the movement of inventory to and from its distribution center and around it’s entire supply chain network. One method in particular that Seven Eleven has implicated is its cluster location strategy. This is where an average of 50 to 60 stores along side a distribution center are located within a region of demand in Japan. This approach provides Seven Eleven with a centralized strategy to its supply chain; meaning an effective distribution network is formed across the company as the stores and distribution center are located within close proximity to each other allowing for a reduction in transportation times and cost. Another strategy Seven Eleven has implicated to support its supply chain strategy is its effective use of a combined delivery system. This enables the company to distribute products in a more efficiently manner across the supply chain network, as products that fall into similar temperature categories can be transported together and to several store at one given time. Seven Eleven’s investment in inventory management and information Infrastructure has also aided improvements......

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...In the short story, “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros, a young girl is describing her 11th birthday at school. The girl, whose name is Rachel, offers her opinion of how she doesn’t any different on her birthday then the day before. In the story, Mrs. Price, falsely claims Rachel of owning an ugly red sweater. In this short story, the symbolism used in the 5th paragraph in where she wishes she was a hundred and two then eleven as she would have known what to say to the teacher Mrs. Price when Mrs. Price put the red sweater on her desk. Showing that being a hundred and two you’d have entirely more knowledge then an eleven year old. This meaning entirely relates to the story as early in the passage, as when Rachel is describing on how you never really feel how old you are when you turn the next age. You don’t feel as smart in the age you’re in until you’re towards the next age. You get smarter as you age on is what Rachel is trying to get across. Throughout the passage you see the red sweater as a symbol. The sweater can be seen to symbolize the power other people have over Rachel. Say we see the classroom as a mini-social sphere, then it becomes obvious that Rachel doesn’t have much of a say on how things are going to go down. Mrs. Price sets the sweater on Rachel’s desk, and even though it doesn’t fit, smells of cottage cheese, and repulses her with the germs that are not hers. The powers others hold over you can be both scary and surprising, as we see is the case with Rachel and......

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