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Genre Awareness Project Assignment
Important Dates:

6/22: Genre Awareness Project Full First Draft due via email to me before class, and bring one clean, typed and stapled copy of your complete project to class for peer review/reading workshop.

6/23: Genre Awareness Project Pencil Grade due at the beginning of class. This should be a clean, typed and stapled copy of your complete project.

7/29: Final Portfolio due. Of the first three major writing projects, you must revise at least one but you may choose up to two to revise for a new grade (i.e., the new grade will “erase” the previous pencil grade). Barring any late or other penalties, you have the chance to improve the grade on this project, if you choose to revise it for the portfolio.

The Assignment and Rationale:

For this project, you are required to find three legitimate, same-genre movie posters from the last decade and write a report revealing your genre awareness findings and conclusions about both the stability and flexibility of the movie genre represented in these three posters. You may choose the movie genre, and you may find that you’re working with a multi-hyphenated genre (e.g., thriller-crime-drama). This is fine, as long as you can find three movie posters that represent this particular genre. However, I advise you to not go too obscure in your choices, as this might limit or make difficult your selection, and I also request you stay away from choosing posters for movies already clearly linked (e.g., sequels, trilogies). Also, I encourage you to consider the country of origin for the movies and posters, as this will alter/change the content of the poster. For the sake of uniformity, use the U.S./English version of a movie poster, if possible. The movie poster functions as a shorthand version of all that the movie is trying to represent or present. As such, the posters…...

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