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Title: Business Plan
Version: One
Date: As at 05 May 2011
Author: Ankit Sethi
Reference: Social Enterprise- Business Plan

Contacts : Third Life Foundation


P: +44 07580 421 050


Professional Advisors : Mr Chris MahonGlossary


TLF : Third Life Foundation

Hijra - a socio-cultural construct in which a transgender person who is biologically male takes on the gender role of a female. Hijras in India have their own form of social organization and form a parallel society.[1]

Transgender - someone who is anatomically born in a certain sex, but is more comfortable with the gender/sexual identity of a different gender, and chooses to go in for a sex reassignment surgery or hormonal treatment.1

Sexuality minorities - people discriminated against due to their sexual identity/orientation or gender identity. This includes gays, lesbians, bisexuals, hijras, kotis, transgenders, etc.1


Executive Summary

Current Situation

• Basic Company Information

o Mission

o Company Values

o Organisational Structure

o Products and Services

o Core Competencies

External Environment

❖ Context

❖ The Economy

❖ Needs Analysis

❖ Market Analysis

❖ Competitor Analysis

❖ Competitive Advantages

Strategy and Plans

❖ Objectives

❖ Business Strategy

❖ Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

This report describes the operation and mission of “Third Life Foundation” , a social enterprise established in Mumbai (India). The enterprise was set up with a mission to improve the lives of the Third gender population referred to as ‘Hijras’, by empowering them with…...

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