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The World Turns Gray

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The World Turns Gray by Philip J. Longman talks about how global aging will challenge the world’s economic well-being. The economic problem on earth isn’t that we will be overcrowded and we will not have enough resources, the real problem is aging. This means that since in 1970 fertility rates where higher than now, young people are taking care of old people. In few word they’re more old people than young people, and this is a big problem. Over the next 25 years, the number of persons of pensionable age will rise by 70 million, while the working-age people will rise by only 5 millions.
Words I learned in this reading:
Childbearing age: age of giving birth
Retirement: Withdrawal from one's occupation, business, or office
Plummeting: To fall straight down; plunge
Diminishing: To make smaller or less or to cause to appear so.
Unheralded: not previously announced, notified, or expected
In my opinion, this is actually a really big problem and this reading made me think a lot of things. People about my age will be suffering this problems, because for example my grandmother has 4 brothers and 4 sisters, my mom has 3 sisters and I only have 1 brother, so I think this is a clear example of what is happening. And I’m worried because when I start working they will be a lot of retired people so we will have to maintain that. And I think making people work for more time is a good…...

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