The Unheroic Hero Who Impressed Me Most in Greek Mythology – Jason

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The Unheroic Hero who Impressed me Most in Greek Mythology – Jason

Zhang Sijing

【Abstract】 This paper centers on my own opinions about Jason – a famous hero in Greece mythology. With the help of Medea, who had become his wife afterwards, Jason had led the heroes of Argonauts to get the Golden Fleece successfully. However, the story of he and she was not a romance but end up with a big tragedy. To me, Jason was not a hero as typical as others in Greek mythologies, he was just a man with all his weaknesses which led to his death.
【Key Words】 Greek mythology; hero; Jason; Medea; Argonauts

1. Introduction Among numbers of Greek mythological stories I have read, the one of Jason’s impressed me most. Jason was famous for his role as the leader of the Argonauts which consisted of almost all the famous heroes in Greek at that time. These heroes included some familiar names such as Heracles, Perseus, Theseus and many other unfamiliar ones. They were all gathered together for Jason’s quest to find the Golden Fleece, which was in order to get his throne back from his uncle Pelias. During this long adventure he fell in love with Medea, the sorceress and the princess of Colchis. Only with her help could Jason have done his work. Nevertheless, Jason betrayed Medea in the end, which turned his story into a big tragedy. In his story we are more likely to see a real man instead of a perfect hero. So, this essay is trying to focus on the differences between Jason and other classical heroes in Greek mythologies, which made his story so particular.

2. An unheroic hero - differences between Jason and other heroes

2.1A hero without anything special
In Greek mythologies, there are many famous heroes like Heracles, Achilles, Perseus, Odysseus and so on. They all had powerful strength and were both courageous and intelligent enough to overcome dangers and…...

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