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The Uk Is a Genuinely Multicultural Society Essay

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‘The UK is a genuinely multi-cultural society which welcomes newcomers and diversity’ The definition of a multi-cultural society refers to a civilization, group, school or any other organization, where people from different races, religion and culture live and work with each other in peace. This means that there are different ‘groups’ of people living in the same or working in the same community side by side without any discrimination. I neither agree nor disagree with this statement. In this essay I will explain why this is. Firstly, a poll result taken of 1000 people on Facebook shows that in May 2013 65% thought that the UK is a good example of a multicultural society, 30% did not and 5% did not know. I think that in some cases factors such as religion, music, food, language and dress do keep some groups in society separate from others. People often feel drawn towards others who share the same values, religion, lifestyle and beliefs as themselves. It is also natural to feel more comfortable in a community where people look like you. For example in Leicester there are areas where predominantly Asian people have chosen to set up home and businesses. But also different communities have shown a willingness to embrace other cultures and share their own ways of life, for instance the Hindu and Sikh communities in Leicester welcomes school parties from different faiths and cultures to their places of worship, to learn about their culture and religion. The first reason that I disagree with this statement is because of the racist views that some British Citizens appear to have, an example of this can be seen by the intentions of a political group of people who call themselves the English Defence League, who oppose what they consider to be a spread of Islamism, Sharia law and Islamic extremism in the UK. Although most of the younger generation are…...

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