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In the article, “The Invisible Gnomes and the Invisible Hand: South Park and Libertarian Philosophy”, Paul Cantor argues for the libertarian approach, a style of thinking which maximizes individual liberty and minimizes intervention by the state. They strongly believe in the capitalism of life. Cantor compares and contrasts the key concepts of liberatarianism to the slapstick TV comedy, South Park, and explains how the show has been instrumental in breaking boundaries in humor; redefining the way we think about issues that were previously considered taboo. An American literary critic, the author Paul Cantor, is a strong believer in the austrian theorist of economy. He holds a degree from Harvard, he has acquired his teaching skills from his many years at the University of Virginia, USA. Cantor is the author of several books, the content spanning a diverse range of topics.

The libertarian approach is in which people must exercise the free market organization associated with minimal government intervention. Libertarians are strong supporters of the free market capitalism, a social system in which people encourage the ownership and control of private businesses, with few regulatory bodies. Libertarianism has become a crucial part of the society which has led to increased number of privately owned businesses. The number of people adopting and believing in the ideas of libertarianism is increasing and thereby this topic is extremely relevant in the prevalent times.

The article talks about how libertarianism is a crucial aspect of today’s society, and promotes the most common aspect exercised by libertarians- defending capitalism. Cantor also discusses how the American citizens lack basic knowledge of the various benefits offered by the corporations. Instead, the public generalizes that corporations act like money machines, just in…...

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