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The Struggle Between Love and War

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The Struggle Between Love and War

While both the Capitol of Panem and the twelve Districts

fought against life and death, the Capitol focused on

entertainment for society while the twelve Districts fought for

survival. Just as the conflict theorists believe, the Capitol and

twelve Districts were in a struggle between good and evil. The

Capitol represented the macro-level analysis for the main setting

of The Hunger Games. Whereas, District Twelve represented

the micro-level analysis as one of the poorest Districts.

The Capitol was a government that chose participants from

different Districts to compete against the powers of evil. The

Capitol was structured to enforce rules, which created

resentment and resistance between the twelve Districts that were

fighting. However, some of the participants tried to change the

rules of the Capitol for their own survival. The Capitol forced

the players to fight to the death of another while the citizens of

the society watched for entertainment.

District twelve produced two of the stronger players, who

were both well trained for fighting. The main female character,

Katniss, portrayed love when she volunteered in place of her

sister, who was the actual chosen participant. The male

participant, Peeta, chose to stay in the games and fight to protect

Katniss, even though someone tried to volunteer to go in his

place. In the beginning the chosen participants were required to

test their own skill level before entering the games. This is a

good example of the way the participants would chose social

interaction with the other players. The relationships that were

build among the players provided multiple strengths and

weaknesses, which determined their fate.…...

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