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Fieldwork are methods that you have collected information from yourself, its generally visiting a location a collecting the results yourself, whereas research is finding inforatmion from sources such as the library, internet or textbooks. This information is usually inforatmion that has already been published. In addition to this a weather is a collection of information, generally quantitative data, that gives a picture of weather pattern and conditions over the period of time you are looking at, they are generally classified as fieldwork. And finally meteorological conditions are the prevailing environmental conditions as they influence the prediction of weather.
Taking the temperature is a fieldwork technique used to complete a weather diary of meteorological conditions. The act of taking the temperature can be varied and if not done correctly can alter your results. For my weather diary I made sure I took the temperature at the same time every day as to get true, comparable results. To keep consistency in my results I also took the temperature using the same thermometer each time, and took the readings from the shade, rather than somewhere in direct sunlight, which could have given a fake result, as the temperature readings could have been higher as they were I the sun. this helped me complete my weather diary, as it allowed me to see the temperature of a number of weeks and use it as comparable data, in other areas of the weather diary, such as pressure and cloud cover.
Cloud cover and cloud types were another fieldwork technique used to complete my weather diary. By looking up into the sky, in the same place and the same time every day I was able to roughly give a result in oktars of how much cloud cover there was on a particular day. As…...

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