The Pursuit of Love

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The Pursuit of Love
Erin Dougherty
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The Pursuit of Love In today’s society, being liked and receiving approval from others is held at upmost importance. From an early age, we crave the affection and love of others, and try to avoid upsetting or making others angry. Some people go as far as pretending to be someone that they are not because they would rather be loved for their false persona instead of hated for being themselves. Machiavelli would argue that while it is good to be loved, it is better for a prince to be feared, and while it is important to avoid a reputation of being weak, it is more important to avoid being hated by your people. It is important to note that being loved and being feared are compatible with each other; however; being feared and respected should take priority over being loved and revered. Machiavelli says that is good to be loved because it makes being a prince more pleasurable, and makes it easier to maintain peace and order in the kingdom. If a ruler is loved by his people, his subjects are endeared to him, and are in full support of his rule of their land. They praise his work, and hail him as a great ruler. A loving prince and subject relationship will make the work of the prince more rewarding and pleasurable. The prince will not have to act as “the bad guy,” and avoid the ruthless and cruel reputation that is often associated with rulers who conquer new territory. Additionally, the prince will not have to deal with resistance or questioning, and will not face bitterness or spite from his subjects. It will be easier to maintain law and order, and to keep the peace within the kingdom. This relationship with your subjects can be achieved by being compassionate to the people and understanding their problems and needs. The prince should avoid cruel or excessive punishment and administer justice fairly and…...

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