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Technology: 1) In the past years Oxfam has been conducting its impact evaluation, to understand whether its work is actually helping the poor or the needy. Previously Oxfam relied on paper based data collection method which lead to redundancy and many other problems. Then Oxfam started conducting digital surveys by using computer assisted personal interview (CAPI), which helped reduce their paper work and errors. This also involved the enumerators to use the hand held devices such as tablets or smart phones so they can record the responses while they were conducting interviews. Then they used to and are operating in fragile areas where babies born in conflict zones used to die so they developed a portable inflatable incubator for babies where there were no hospitals. Then when Ebola struck in west Africa it was another highlight for Oxfam with the help of clear maps with real time data helped many NGO’s to react quickly and with Vodafone’s backpack technology to provide communication made it even easier to discover and react on areas where there are people in need. So in the past decade technology has played a vital role in helping Oxfam and many NGO’s in making their working easier, efficient and effective. 2) Oxfam is basically a service organization which is helping the poor and the needy all around the world, but they also offer some products like T-shirts and caps online through which they earn money and donate it to the poor. But our main concern that i will talk about is the service side. That has tech increased or decreased the productivity for Oxfam or not? The answer is yes by overhauling the above examples we see that technology has played a crucial role in the workings of Oxfam and many other non-for profit organizations. When crisis occur through Vodafone’s technology and their crystal clear maps help Oxfam to respond quickly and efficiently.…...

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