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Different cultures are seen as an overseas career track where seventy-five percent of Colgate-Palmolive’s $9.5 billion annual sales come from outside North America according to Human Resource Management International Digest. Colgate-Palmolive has a global expatriate population of around 300. The market for different toothbrushes and toothpaste seem to have remained steady throughout the years. Consumers are becoming more aware of dental health. They are starting to pay more attention to the products they buy for oral hygiene. According to the Colgate-Palmolive Precision Toothbrush case analysis Colgate-Palmolive has positioned itself as the number one retailer of toothbrush products in the United States utilizing its cutting-edge infrared motion analysis and technique to measure exact levels of plaque removed by its products in consumer test. The study also states that the Triple action head (of the toothbrush) removes 35% more surface plague and 100% more gum line and in-between teeth plaque than its competitors. Colgate-Palmolive has put in expensive research into developing a product that would provide its consumers with an overall total package of cleanness, safety, durability and affordable oral hygiene product. The Colgate-Palmolive precession toothbrush has proved to be top of its class of products made by Colgate.
The US toothbrush and toothpaste market is around $4 billion according to Market Feasibility Study web site. Within this site it states that Colgate’s share of manual toothbrushes reached 23% of the $1.5 billion in toothbrush sales. The American Dental Association recommends that consumers should change their toothbrushes at least four times a year, approximately every three months.
The age and life-cycle stage of the precision toothbrush has been focused towards the older generation. Today more and…...

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...| 216.533.220 | | 183.067.444 | 2.811 | 2007 | 247.908.780 | 1.721.351.922 | 205.205.745 | 2.859 | 2008 | 247.908.780 | 2.028.651.727 | 243.723.975 | 2.559 | 2009 | 247.908.780 | 1.864.293.388 | 172.327.145 | 2.026 | 2010 | 372.427.330 | 1.746.662.685 | 189.547.691 | 1.814 | 2011 | 372.427.330 | 1.738.623.539 | 137.399.050 | 1.744 | 2012 | 372.427.330 | 1.939.420.892 | 148.409.857 | 1.642 | Sursa: Ministerul Finanţelor, Registrul Comertului. Produse / Servicii: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, Dorna. Sediu central: Şos. Bucureşti Nord nr. 10, Global City Business Park, clădirea 02, cod 077190, Voluntari, jud. Ilfov . Implementarea unui program de marketing eficient este foarte necesar în această firmă pentru a creşte profitul firmei şi pentru a creşte vânzările produselor....

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Bote Ng Pag-Asa naman niya itong pira-pirasohin para ilagay sa sako. Pero kapag wala siyang masyadong nakuha ay itatabi na muna niya ito. “ Ug wa man gani koy makuha nga tai sa baka day kay usahay suguon man sad ko na pang-ibton ang mga sagbot sa inyuha o dili ba sa ubang taw dayon suhulan ko ug 100 ang adlaw, usahay sad kay mangahoy na lang ko para pangsugnod namo ug di ba kay para ibaligya, mahalinan man sad ko usahay day pero wa man jud nay adlaw na di ko makakuha ug botilya” sabi niya ng tinanong ko kung paano pag wala siyang makalap na dumi o bote. Takipsilim na na dumadating ang apo niya sa bahay nila na siyang isa sa dahilan sa pagsusumikap niya araw-araw. Sa tuwing dumadating ito ay tinutulungan naman siya nito sa mga gawaing bahay. Maagang natutulog si Aling Sisa dahil sa puyat at pagod sa buong araw. Ito rin ang kadalasang ginagawa niya at paikaot-ikot na pangyayari lang iyon. “Antuson nalang tani tanang kakapoy day, mao na man sad ni akong naandan, ug makakagraduate man gani akong apo puhon aw makaginhawa jud siguro mi ani, pero kahibaw ko ug nisalig jud ko niya day, lipay ug kontento na sad ko sa akong kinabuhi karon” sabi niya. Sa pagsunod ko sa araw ni Aling Sisa, masasabi kong hindi madali ang buhay. Katulad niya, maraming paghihirap ang mararanasan mo sa pagsulong mo. Ika nga sa kasabihang ingles “Life ends when you stop struggling…Battle ends when you stop standing every time you fall… Hope ends when you don’t believe anymore.”...

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...Captive Power Plant and that this Report has been allowed to be prepared for his partial fulfillment of the requirement for obtaining the Degree of MBA (Finance) from xxxxxxxxxx University and that no part of this report has been submitted for the award of any other degree, Diploma, Fellowship or other similar titles or prizes and that the work has not been published in any journal or Magazine. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, For JUD Cements Ltd Authorized Signatory Place: Guwahati Date: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I express my sense of intense gratitude to the Management of JUD Cements Ltd, Guwahati for giving me this opportunity to conduct the study and prepare the project report for the project financing of its proposed 1X10 MW Captive Power Plant. My sincere thanks to CA. S.K.Ghiria (Chief Finance Officer of JUD Cements Ltd) for permitting me to pursue this project and for providing his valuable time, suggestions and support for completing my project work successfully. I am also extremely grateful to all the employees of JUD Cements Ltd for their support in preparation of this Report; their valuable guidance has proved to be very precious without which this project would not had been completed. I am also thankful to our college coordinator and also covey my thanks to our faculty members for their support. Lastly, I am indebted to my friends and their good wishes that have extended their support to me during the project. Xxxxxxxxxxx Reg. No.......

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...Institution: Jahangirnagar University CGPA: 3.16 Passing year: 2009 B.A (Hons.) in English Language and Literature Institution: Jahangirnagar University CGPA: 3.06 Passing year: 2008 H.S.C Board: Chittagong Group: Science Institution: Chittagong Cantonment Public College GPA: 4.50 Passing year: 2004 S.S.C Board: Chittagong Group: Science Institution: Bangladesh Bank Colony High School GPA: 4.25 Passing year: 2002 Other Qualifications: 2003- Attended FCE course arranged by British Council (Chittagong) and achieved a good pass mark 2005- Successfully attended a workshop on Debate and Speaking Skill arranged by JUDS (Jahangirnagar University debating society) 2006- I am a 1st class Referee of BFF (Bangladesh Football Federation) and went to India for training camp. 2005 – 2008 Being an active player I worked as a physical instructor of the JAWS, basketball team, Dept. of English, Jahangirnagar University, and secured championship in 2005, 2006 and 2007 Achievements: I became the best speaker in a Debate championship arranged by Chittagong Debating Society (CDS) in September 2003. I became 1st in Inter-College Set Speech Competition in July 2003. I got the best player award in the Inter-University Basketball championship’07. I have been elected as the VP (Vice-President) of TEA......

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The Candles That Gave Them Life is easy. Pa text-text lang, pa chat-chat and then magkita in personal, after you know it sila na, den next step magpakasal kay wala man kapugong. Well you should not really fall in love but you should rise and grow out of love. Mao siguro nga hangtod karon at age 33 I am still single and mind you still searching. Naiwan na ng kalendaryo, but any way naa paman lotto wag lang sana abutan ng bingo. I love to attend weddings; in fact I do coordinate and plan for weddings as a part time job. Allergic lang ko every reception when the next bride would now be chosen. I just can’t imagine myself being a bride someday. It may mean that I may be choosing the third vocation which is single blessedness. Sa kalisud sa panahon karon pait jud ang magminyo. Paabot na lang ta nga maabot ug 100 ang kilo sa bugas ug ang litro sa gasolina. Usahay makaingon ko lami man siguro ning magminyo nuh kay at least makakita ko ug liwat. If only I am not God-fearing magpaliwat na lang ko aron naay muguyod inig katigulang nako. But of course I won’t do such a crazy thing. Being single is not a failure but maybe a fulfillment of what God has planned for us. I believe that it is God who chooses who we are and who we should be. Our choice is merely to be happy and contented with what is destined for us. Well I’m not really closing my doors. Who knows my Mr. Right is just there only waiting for the right time....

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...police station, stand behind mirrored glass, then try to identify the suspect out of a group of very similar people. Eyewitnesses can also help capture suspects by getting involved in a composite image. This is where a witness gives details about the suspect to someone who either draws the details provided or enters them into a computer. The generated composite can then be used to help identify the suspect. With the help of eyewitness’s, officers can ensure suspect pay for their crimes. References Huff, R. C. (2002, February). Wrongful conviction and public policy: The American Society of Criminology 2001 Presidential address. ProQuest, 40(1), 1-18. Dallas Police Department. (n.d.). Retrieved from,%20TX%20Eye%20ID%20Forms.pdf Eyewitness Evidence: A Trainer’s Manual for Law Enforcement. (2003, September). Retrieved from Richardson, J. (2010, April). Standards and Guidelines for Forensic Art and Facial Identification. Retrieved from

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...CHARLOTTE VALDEZ COMES IN LATE. AS CHARLOTTE ENTERS THE ROOM, JUAN LUIS TRACES EVERY MOVEMENT OF HER. HIS CLASSMATE SHAKES HIM BACK TO REALITY. CLASSMATE 1 Grabe Loloy bai. Kagud! JUAN LUIS LISTENS TO HIS TEACHER, TALKS TO HIS CLASSMATE, SOLVES PROBLEMS, WRITES NOTES, GLANCES AT CHARLOTTE AND SMILES. JUAN LUIS (V.O.) I was really determined to finish my studies. Gusto jud ko ma Cum Laude para ma proud pud akong Mama’g Papa og para ganahan si Charlotte nako. Kabalo mo guys, challenging kaayo ang BLT- number by number, word by word, og page by page kaayo. Pero wa na nahimong rason para muundang ko. SCENE 4: STUDY HABIT INTERIOR: BOARDING HOUSE JUAN LUIS IS BURNING THE MIDNIGHT CANDLE. BESIDE HIM ARE THICK ACCOUNTING BOOKS AND HIS PHONE. PHONE RINGS. JUAN LUIS Hello Ma. Wala pa lage ka natulog nga alas 11 naman? MAMA Wala paman gud kauli imong Papa, Loy. JUAN LUIS Asa man diay si Papa, Ma? MAMA Naghatod man to siya sa kopras nak, uban to sila sa imong angkol. Wa paman kauli ui. Ayaw lang kabalaka Loy, muuli ra lage to. JUAN LUIS Ay Ma, nganong nanawag ka? MAMA Makapadala na gyud mi sa imo Loy. Pasensya kaayo Loy ha, 300 ra jud amo mapadala. JUAN LUIS Salamat kaayo Ma. Kamusta na diay sila Yan-yan, Shai-shai, og Joy-joy? MAMA Tulog na sila Loy ui. Naa paman gud klase ugma. Ikaw, tulog napud. JUAN LUIS Cge Ma, taod-taod. MAMA Sige Loy, ayaw biya kalimot og ampo ha. JUAN LUIS Cge Ma. Babye. HE CONTINUES TO STUDY FROM DUSK TO DAWN. HE DOES HIS DAILY ROUTINE WHICH IS TO PICK......

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...Iya kini gisultihan? Ang mga tubag ana kay dili, dili, dili! Gisultian na kini sila ni Hesus nga, “Magbantay kamo; kon ang imong igsoon makasala, badlonga siya, ug kon siya maghinulsol, pasalyoa siya. Ug kon sa usa ka adlaw makasala siya sa makapito batok kanimo, ug sa makapito magabalig siya kanimo ug magaingon, Nagbasol ako, kinahanglan pasayloon mo siya. “ (Luke 17:3-4) Kung ato mapansin dili ang ilahang paghilak ang nakahatag sa ila ug dungag na pagtuo kundi ang sayon na pagsugo sa ila sa pagpasaylo kung kinsa man nakasala kanila. Kining mga tawhana ni kay naanad ni sila sa balaud na kung unsay gikuha sa imu mao puy ibayad. Si Hesus nagtudlo kanila na imposible nila masunod. Ang sugo na mupareha sila sa kina-iya sa Ginoo na imposible jud kaayo nila mahimo. Pero sila ra gihapon nakatubag sa ila ginapangayo na “dak-on ang pagtuo” kay sila nakabalo na ang pagsunod ug pagtuo kay kauban ra ug mao pud kini ako nakita sa lahi na pamaagi. Katong nadungog ni Hesus ang ilang paghilak para sa dako na pagtuo kay niingon Siya, “Kon kamo may pagtuo nga ingon ug liso sa mustasa, makaingon kamo niining kahoy nga sikomoro, paibut ug patanum ka diha sa lawod, ug kini mosugot kaninyo.” (Luke 17:6). Diri naku nasabtan ang buot ipaabot sa Ginoo sa akoa ug ako natun-an kung kita naay salig Kaniya sa walay pagduha-duha kay ato kini makuha kung unsa ato gipangayo sa Iya. Gipadayag pud ani na mga pulong na ang pagtuo kay gihatag tagsa-tagsa sa magtutuo nga liso sa mustasa. Prinsipyo kini......

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... JONG: Haha... gus2 ka mag-ing-ana pud ko? AKO: Naa ra na nimo gud, if you feel doing it or not. Lahi2x man ug love expression ang tao. JONG: Next time, try nako mag-ing-ana jejeje, unsa kaha dagway nako? AKO: Murag praning, haha! Bitaw naa ra na nimo oi ug unsa imong way sa pag-express sa love nimo for me.  JONG: Mag-igsoon jud diay mo! AKO: Hehe! Mao jud. Ingon ana man sad among way to express our love. JONG: Swerte au ko sa imu kay luv kay imu jud ginapakita. Ako man gud medyo material usahay ang akong basehan sa luv., pag makita naku nga happy ang tao nga nakuha nya iya gusto hapy rpud ko. AKO: You don't need to satisfy me with material things dah, though I understand din naman kay bisan sa imong family you are all out materially man. JONG: Hmmmp, bsta I know much nga LOVE taka may kwarta man o wala.  AKO: Thanks dah, am not just lucky but very blessed to have you. Dah, dili naka naga-eye ug laing girl? JONG: Nganong mangita pa man ko lain intawn oi nga perfect naman ka for me. AKO: Bolero, atik jud ni o. JONG: Ug nganong bolahon man tika abier? AKO: Alangan tagsa ra man ka mag-ingon ani gud. hehe JONG: Hay naku, everytime nalang jud diay ko mag-ingon ani para motoo sa kanunay akong Momi nga love nako sya?! AKO: Dili man pud, but sometimes need to be expressive lang pud verbally. hehe. JONG: Luv u so much, God knows that.:)   Whew! After all that we've been through, here we are, still  strong and even growing stronger! Thanks God! THE LONGEST......

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