The Impact of International Mega-Sporting Events Oh Host Cities

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Impact of mega-sporting events 1

The impact of international mega-sporting events oh host cities

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Impact of mega-sporting events 2
While a mega-sport event is scheduled at least once every year somewhere in the world, these events are rare occurrences for the host cities and countries. The benefits of such events seem lucrative; the very fact that many countries bid to host these events suggests that the benefits – be they tangible or intangible – more often than not outweigh the costs. However, some experts claim that it is almost impossible to achieve goal and provide a successful result. Therefore, the research question is : Do cities benefit from international mega-sporting events or it is just "showing-off"? When a city or nation is awarded the privilege of hosting a mega event, they are almost always required to enhance or develop their infrastructure. The developments which are created from these events are known as legacies. However, these legacies have a great risk to become "white elephants" ( Barclay, 2009,p.3). Thereupon, my research project was directed to understand do facilities in Almaty which were built for 2011 Asian Winter Games are used today and provide help for national athletes and the city. Result showed they do, but not without problems. However, legacies can come in many forms such as economic, tourism or sporting. Consequently, summarizing everything I have and answering on the main question it is clear that it is possible to achieve the best and positive outcome from hosting a mega event ,but a well-considered and actual legacy plan is essential to providing long term benefits for the local and wider communities.

Impact of mega-sporting events 3
Can you imagine that since the Modern Olympics began in 1896,…...

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