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Semiotic Deconstruction of ‘’The HITMAN’’ (spring 2006)

In the advert of ‘’The HITMAN: Blood Money” uses the colour red several time in the advert. The title of the game ‘Blood Money’ is in red and so is part of the robe and the shoes that the woman is wearing. This colour helps link in with the theme of passion, love and blood and its to remind the audience that the video game is to do with shooting, killing, fighting. We know that it is a video game because in the at the bottom on the left there is logos of video game e.g. Play station,Xbox and Xbox live. In contrast, the background uses the colour gold and black. The gold sheets suggests luxury, wealth, quality because it not like any other ordinary sheets that you will see on the bed. The black suggest death, mystery and the unknown because the woman I lying there with a bullet in the middle of her head and we don’t know why and how.

In the advert of “The HITMAN” the woman is lying on the bed in a sexualised position wearing a black floral silk robe with red high heel with black nail polish which suggest that she is a lady of the night. The woman has several quality gold bracelet on the wrist which suggest that it is cheaper and in expensive and it probably not real gold. The black floral silk robe suggest that pattern is exotic and silk is expensive, the pattern on the rode can show that it is from an Asian culture because Asian culture clothes has floral on it, it can also mean mystery and pleasure because Asian woman like to please their man. The black nail polish suggest death, goth and rebellion which can also lead to secretive and mystery

In the advert of “The HITMAN” the title ‘beautifully executed’ is an metaphor and it suggests that the execution was beautiful because it was a one shot one kill and there is no blood to be seen in the picture it is also trying to say that the person…...

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