The Hershey Company: an Integrated Global Marketing Plan

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The Hershey Company
An Integrated Global Marketing Case Study | AbstractThe confectionary industry is becoming intensely competitive and so, the Hershey Company needs to continue to strengthen brand loyalty to stay competitive in a growing and changing global market. Hershey’s has increased the value proposition of chocolate and snacking in the minds of consumers by producing a variety of flavors and product choices that are marketed to targeted audiences in targeted segments through specific channels of communication. The company’s strategic focus on aligning marketing strategies with changing consumer preferences has led Hershey’s to expand their integrated marketing communications plan into social media channels and produce innovative new products for the health-conscious consumers.
Rebecca Simmons
MBA FP-6012 Assessment 5 |

The Hershey Company
An Integrated Global Marketing Case Study | AbstractThe confectionary industry is becoming intensely competitive and so, the Hershey Company needs to continue to strengthen brand loyalty to stay competitive in a growing and changing global market. Hershey’s has increased the value proposition of chocolate and snacking in the minds of consumers by producing a variety of flavors and product choices that are marketed to targeted audiences in targeted segments through specific channels of communication. The company’s strategic focus on aligning marketing strategies with changing consumer preferences has led Hershey’s to expand their integrated marketing communications plan into social media channels and produce innovative new products for the health-conscious consumers.
Rebecca Simmons
MBA FP-6012 Assessment 5 |

Table of Contents Introduction 2 Company Overview and History 3 Current Situation 5 Marketing Mix 5 Segmentation 6 Geographical 6 Product 6 PEST Analysis 6 Marketing Information…...

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